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A Story of Survival
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We’re Alive reaches 50 million downloads!

It is a great Thursday because we hit our goal! First, we want to thank you because with your help spreading the #AudioInfection we finally hit 50 million downloads! Each and everyone of you has been waiting patiently to find out what surprise was connected and it’s here!

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The We’re Alive: Lockdown Limited Edition CD set is here!

We're Alive: Lockdown LE cover

The CD set is finished!

Our Lockdown CD set for Kickstarter backers is here! This limited edition is one of 500 ever to be made, individually numbered so no two are alike. We will be offering any remaining prints on our web-store once it re-opens, and AFTER the Kickstarter backers receive theirs. Also, […]

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Countdown to 50 million downloads…

50MillionCountdownsmallerHello everyone! We have some exciting updates for you.

First and foremost, the kickstarter rewards are still being manufactured. The process is taking a lot longer than expected and had a few twists and turns, but we’re still on track! The materials are looking great, and as a little extra bonus, there’s a small holographic number on the back of each […]

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Apartment 2C on hiatus

Apartment 2C

Happy Tuesday, zombie fans!

Apartment 2C will not be airing tonight due to other productions and is currently on a hiatus as a result of a big production that we can’t disclose at this time, plus wrapping up the Kickstarter!

Thank you for your support, it means the world […]

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What is Lockdown?

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