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A Story of Survival

We’re Alive: Lockdown, in the can!


Kc Wayland (me) and Steven Weber in the studio.

Kc Wayland (me) and Steven Weber in the studio.

Ok, so technically it’s not a physical “can”, but several copies on hard drives to say the least… but we are wrapped on principle recording! There’s still a few pickups to do here and there for some small side-characters and kickstarter backers, but most all the performances have been captured! I’ll stop putting exclamation […]

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Lockdown cast meets for the first time…

We're Alive: Lockdown Cast

We’re Alive: Lockdown Cast

Hello everyone! You’ll be happy to know that the project is moving right along. Last night we met with all the actors of Lockdown for our table read. It was really exciting to see everyone together and to hear all the characters come to life for the first time. More updates as they happen :) – Kc

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We’re Alive: Lockdown Fully Funded



 We made it! And by we, I really mean YOU did it. Thank you everyone for your continued support of this project. When Grayson and I initially talked about funding, I was apprehensive about going to Kickstarter with it. The amount we were shooting for was not an easy goal, and I was a bit worried going into it, but the fans really came through. I am so […]

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Lockdown: Kickstarter

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