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A Story of Survival

We’re Alive LOCKDOWN: Kickstarter update, Store 2.0



Hey, everybody!

We would like to give a special thanks to every backer who helped us with our kick starter! You are all appreciated so much and your rewards will be sent out shortly! Also, we wanted to let everybody know that our new Store 2.0 will be going live soon. Do you know what that […]

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We’re Alive: Lockdown – Part 6 – The Finale


The finale is here! Part 6 concludes our Lockdown. More news to follow in the next few weeks, including some announcements about #TMM and our next in the series of We’re Alive: Goldrush! Enjoy!

And for those of you who have questions, or theories (because this episode might spark both!), join in on […]

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We’re Alive: Lockdown – The Finale – June 3rd – 6PM PST


We’re Alive: LOCKDOWN is coming to an end, Friday June 3rd LIVE right here on www.werealive.com!

Livestream Schedule: (All times in PST)
6 PM Pre-show
7 PM Part 6 of Lockdown
8:15 PM – Post-show.
9 PM end of broadcast.

We’ll have assorted members of the cast and crew involved with Lockdown on there LIVE to talk with the […]

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We’re Alive: Lockdown – Part 5 is Now Available!


Join us on this 6 part mini-series as we dive deep into Twin Towers Jail, and follow a small group of unlikely survivors as they struggle to find their way out.

Memorial Day is next week, so no new episode, but the finale, Part 6 will air June 3rd as part of our WA:Lockdown streaming finale event starting at 6pm PST. All details and links will be on the main page of www.werealive.com ~ Be sure to tune in LIVE on June 3rd, as the finale won’t be released on the podcast channel (or our youtube archive) untill Monday June 6th.

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LIVE Chat for We’re Alive

Please no spoilers

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What is Lockdown?

Last Time on Apartment 2c Tuesday nights 7:30 PM PST Click here for our livestream page!

Countdown to Next #Apt2c

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