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A Story of Survival

Zinterns for Apartment2c!


We are looking for one good Zintern to join us in the launch of #Apartment2c!

What is #Apartment2c? Well, it’s our new live broadcast Youtube show. We’ll be diving back into the main series from episode 1 and including a special behind the scenes look into how everything was made, cut scenes, etc… It’ll be the start of the series for a whole new medium, Youtube!

Being a Zintern (Zombie Intern) is unpaid, but […]

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Advertise on the show

We’re Alive:Lockdown Preview at Comikaze!


We’re Alive is on the floor of Comikaze in LA this weekend, and we have the first 15 minutes available for your listening please at booth 317. Come on out and say hello, listen, or maybe even grab some merchandise from our shop.

Coming tonight, Friday the 30th? We’ll be celebrating our launch with fans at Yardhouse right by the convention center at 8 PM. : Yard House, 800 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, […]

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Kickstarter Surveys, Comikaze, and More!

It’s October!

Apartment 2C

And that means Comikaze is just around the corner. If you’ve been keeping up with your convention news you’ll know that Comikaze has expanded to a larger space. That means we’ll be at Booth 317, instead of 1916. Come by anytime during show hours, October 30th through November 1st, to say hello, ask questions*, tell us your fan theory, or pick up some merch free of shipping costs! Unfortunately Kc […]

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40 Million Downloads… and what’s next… #TMM

40 Million Downloads

We’re Alive reaches 40 Million Downloads… so what’ next?

A few updates have come down the line regarding what we’re working on currently. We’re Alive:Lockdown is currently still in post production (meaning being edited), and will be for a while longer. We still don’t have a release date set as we had a few delays as we changed out our main editor, but hope to have it out near the end of the year. We’re continually focused on quality and not finishing on a specific date, just yet. As we get closer to release we will set a release time.

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We’re Alive: Lockdown, in the can!


Kc Wayland (me) and Steven Weber in the studio.

Kc Wayland (me) and Steven Weber in the studio.

Ok, so technically it’s not a physical “can”, but several copies on hard drives to say the least… but we are wrapped on principle recording! There’s still a few pickups to do here and there for some small side-characters and kickstarter backers, but most all the performances have been captured! I’ll stop putting exclamation […]

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