Say hello to the premiere of “Zero Hour” from Geek and Sundry and Alpha – This is our first visual representation inside the world of We’re Alive. We’re so proud to bring you this with our partners over at G&S and Legendary.

For those of you a little lost, WA Frontier (the RPG story/game), takes place 17 years after the outbreak in LA, after they’ve established essentially a barrier along the Mississippi. There is still a lot of usable land out in the area to the West which is now called “The Frontier”. The infected have continued to evolve from their previous forms, continuing to breed over all those years; highly adapting to their environments.

Since the infected have a flexible genome, they have branched off considerably from one another, forming their own social structures. Many of them have yet to be seen by human eyes because they much are more dangerous now. There are up to 4th and 5th generations in certain “tribes”. As for this story, there are farms out on the frontier that are still functioning (Livingston) and provide a large amount of food to the UA (The safe territories to the east of the Miss). The rail line to the north that kept the trade going between them has been attacked by infected at the river crossing and now this group of military industrialists known as “The Sterns” are forced to try and find a solution and re-establish a line to the farms.

In the end Asher Emerson Stern III takes a group of mercs to help establish the line in Season 1 of Frontier, and this segment depicts that moment where he decides to do something.

Hope you enjoy!




Written by

  • Kc Wayland



  • Asher Emerson Stern IIIĀ  – Vincent Caso
  • Asher Emerson Stern II – John Henry Richardson
  • Jet – Lorena Jorge
  • Ryan – Kc Wayland



  • Exec. Producer Jason Corey
  • Exec. Producer Sean Becker
  • Producer T.J. Rotell
  • Producer Denise Pantoja
  • CoProducer Diondra Meravi
  • Director Jake Michels
  • Script Supervisor Emily Blake
  • Production Coordinator Glenn Akers
  • 1st AD Chris Fishel
  • 2nd AD Patrick Weir
  • PA William Bolt


Art Dept.

  • Prod. Designer Brad Bailey
  • Prop Assist. Emily Gawronski


Set Operations

  • Key Grip Tim Chapin
  • Best Boy Grip Torin Bradshaw


  • Gaffer David Grother II
  • Best Girl Electric Marizo Siller


Camera Dept.

  • Director of Photography Zach Voytas
  • 1st AC Carter Kovas


Sound (Production)

  • Sound Mixer Scott Neff



  • Costumer Rachelle Almeida


Hair & Makeup

  • Key HMU Genevieve Garner



  • Editor Tony Gomez
  • Composer Rob Gokee
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Creator of "We're Alive: A Story of Survival" and "We're Alive: Lockdown". Writer and director, with a current focus on audio drama production.
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