We’re Alive: Goldrush – The Story

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Release Date: September 10 – 2019 (STATUS: Available NOW)


Set 17 years after the main events of WE’RE ALIVE, GOLDRUSH is a recollection story that describes the efforts of the “soldiers” (Greg Muldoon, Anthony Robbins, Carl Thomas, and Samuel Puck) as they attempt a side mission to retrieve a suspected stash of gold bullion. As an aging General Puck confides this previously undisclosed tale to Alex Robbins, the son of his former teammate and friend, Anthony Robbins. Over the course of ten Chapters, Goldrush will not only relate past tales of heroics, horror, and humor, but also sets the stage for future events and characters.

In Goldrush, fans will truly get to know these well-beloved characters on a much more emotionally satisfying level. Their humor and unique group dynamic certainly remains intact, and modeled after old Spaghetti Westerns, as the story takes directions the series has not yet explored.

Filled with action, battles with the undead, love triangles, conflicting loyalties, and of course gold, WE’RE ALIVE: GOLDRUSH stands out as a truly unique Theater for the Mind experience for both new and old listeners.

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Austin Trace as Alex

Brett Newton as Puck
Tony Reyes as Robbins
Tony Reyes as Robbins
Shaun Lewin as Muldoon
Shaun Lewin as Muldoon
Erin Breen as Rhonda
Erin Breen as Rhonda
Christian Vieira as Carl
Christian Vieira as Carl
Brenna Otts as Anita
Brenna Otts as Anita
Christy Carlson Romano as Gloria
Christy Carlson Romano as Gloria
Also Starring:
Vincson Tyrone Green II
Hajin Cho
Thomas Bell
And guest starring: Danny Trejo
Written & Directed by
Kc Wayland
Produced by
Brett Newton
Anthony Reyes
Shaun Lewin
Christian Vieira
Kc Wayland
Associate Producers
Shanti Ryle
Lauren Croom
Blaire Wayland
Casting by
David Seiden
Vanessa Knight
Original music by
Dani Berkov-Hopkins
Sound Designers:
Michael Keane
Bryan Lincoln