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A Story of Survival
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We’re Alive is 10 years old!

10 years ago today, the outbreak started. It came as a wave of death that devastated and killed most of the world that exists in We’re Alive. It’s been a long journey to where we are now, but continue to survive and thrive. We are excited in our 10th year to bring a production worthy of all those years of experience. Goldrush is coming.

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WA: Recap

Can’t wait for #WAGoldrush ? We figured it’s been a while since our last release, so we’ve created a recap of THE ENTIRE SERIES thus far. Click the link for 30 minutes of unadulterated, We’re Alive-y goodness. Be ye warned, there are major spoilers ahead: Listen

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Goldrush Announcement

We are proud to share some exciting news! The long anticipated “We’re Alive: Goldrush” will premiere SEPTEMBER 2019. We’re thrilled to say we think this is our best audio drama yet, and Kc and team cannot wait for you to hear it! And that’s not all…

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100 Million downloads of We’re Alive

We’ve reached #100Million downloads! More listeners are still discovering our story long after it’s debut as the infection continues to grow!

Thank you to everyone that has made this possible, more coming soon… ;) #WaylandProductions

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We're Alive has been downloaded this many times!


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We’re Alive: Goldrush is here!

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