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A Story of Survival
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We’re Alive – 9 Years Old – Birthday Announcements!

Hello Everyone and welcome year 9! Phew. A few special announcements for today. Here is our cast for Goldrush:

Goldrush Cast Picture

Goldrush Cast


We are pleased to announce the following cast for Goldrush:

Christy Carlson Romano
Brenna Otts
Erin Breen
Brett Newton
Tony Reyes
Shaun Lewin
Christian Vieira
Austin Trace
Vincson Tyrone Green II
Hajin Cho
Greg Miller
Kaitlyn Bristowe
Shawn Booth
Katie Wayland
Jenny Lynn
Special Appearance by Danny Trejo

& More! (We aren’t going to reveal […]

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We’re Alive: Frontier – Show Guide

We're Alive Frontier Cityscape
The following was made in part with Outbreak Undead, and is located on their website here. Be sure to download the full stylized PDF version of this document by Renegade Studios which includes character breakdowns and more information.

What is We’re Alive:Frontier?

We’re Alive: Frontier is a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Horror RPG (role playing game) show of hope, survival, and manifest destiny. Set in the world of We’re Alive an award-winning podcast series developed by Kc Wayland, this is improvisational storytelling at its best as brought to you by Project Alpha and Geek & Sundry.

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We’re Alive: Frontier – Leaves the station TODAY! Wednesday Feb 28th!

We’re Alive is back and with something new in store. Join us as we embark into the Frontier, 17 years after the initial outbreak. Join our new characters as the play in the world, and roll the die to see if their plans succeed or fail. This hybrid show is produced by Geek and Sundry and based in the WA world created by Kc Wayland. Each week we will be continuing our adventure into the unknown as the world continues to unravel. The characters/players choose their own path while the game master Ivan van Norman engages them, working with Kc to develop new storylines and cannon that expands the series. This series is so cutting edge that not even the game master or world master know where the characters will end up. This is an adventure for all to see!

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We’re Alive: Archive Preview & More!


Exciting news this week: we’ve finally got a little “trailer” for We’re Alive: Archive! If you’re curious about what our new show on Patreon is all about, check out this video for a peek into the Archive.

You can catch up on all of the past We’re Alive: Archive podcast episodes on our Patreon for just a $1/month contribution. All Patreon contribution directly funds our ongoing and future projects and allows us to continue creating stories for you to […]

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A Brief Halloween Update


Happy Halloween! Today’s news posts will be a bit on the short side (because we’ve got some trick or treating to do, duh).

On a more serious note, we just don’t have a lot of news right now due to the release of Kc’s book yesterday. If you missed it, Kc released his “theater for the mind” guide/textbook/instruction manual yesterday for World Audio Drama Day!

“Bombs Always Beep” is available for sale exclusively through our online store, and to celebrate its […]

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