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A Story of Survival
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A Brief Halloween Update


Happy Halloween! Today’s news posts will be a bit on the short side (because we’ve got some trick or treating to do, duh).

On a more serious note, we just don’t have a lot of news right now due to the release of Kc’s book yesterday. If you missed it, Kc released his “theater for the mind” guide/textbook/instruction manual yesterday for World Audio Drama Day!

“Bombs Always Beep” is available for sale exclusively through our online store, and to celebrate its […]

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What is We’re Alive: Archive?


Hi folks! It’s already been a week, but I’m back again with some more news from the world of We’re Alive. First, you may remember from last week that Kc will be at Austin Film Festival this weekend. If you are planning on attending, here are the details of Kc’s panel schedule with links for a little more information. And even if you won’t be able to make any of these panels, make sure to say hi to Kc if […]

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Parsec Awards, Austin Film Fest, & more!


(Author’s Note: Since Goldrush is on the horizon, in a concerted effort to keep everyone up-to-date with all of our various projects, we’re declaring Tuesdays as our “news days.” Pun absolutely intended. So, be sure to check back every Tuesday moving forward to stay in the loop. Mark you calendars, set a reminder on your phone, etc.!)

Welcome to our first Tuesday update! This continuing series of posts will re-cap and/or look ahead to all of our projects and activities. Trust […]

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From the desk of Dr. Tanya Tink – June 2nd, 2010 – What is an “Infected”

Picture of the original letter, very well preserved. And I do mean VERY.

An original copy of Dr. Tanya Tink’s letter was recently recovered. These were made into pamphlets and distributed amongst traders as a way to educate survivors still living in “Red zones.” This companion piece followed “The Story of Survival”, which was a compilations of journals edited together by Tanya and distributed freely on compact disks (CDs).

This letter contains information all the way up to and after the events of “The Story of Survival,” so if you have not yet experienced all 48 Chapters of the publication, there might be some aspects of the facts concerning the infected that might be considered “spoilers”.

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Wayland productions

Interested in our other productions? Check out our website at:

Frontier Season 2

WAFrontier Season 2 Season 2 of We’re Alive: Frontier kicks off on October 16th. For the uninitiated, We’re Alive: Frontier is an expansion of our storyline and uses the RPG platform created by Outbreak: Undead. All things in this show, become canon in the world.

We’re Alive: Goldrush is coming!

Bombs Always Beep

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