100 Episodes

We’ve done it! Episode 100! Thank you to all our production cast and crew and our dedicated fans over the years. If you think about it, each episode takes about a week to make. There’s 52 weeks in a year. That’s like working two years straight! It’s been a long road, and as we approach the Season 3 finale in the next two months, it’s nearing the end. Don’t fret! We have one more season to go and other things to keep you occupied.

SO, you’re asking, what are those 4 things? Let’s just get down to it.

1. Obviously #1 on this list is the new website; You are using it now to read this article!
New WebsiteOld Site
Special thanks goes to Jason Stone and his continued efforts to bring our old site into a whole new level. Our old site, however stylish, was very limited in what was possible technologically. The site was made and maintained with iWeb. There’s so many things wrong with that, I can’t even start. So, now we can bring you even more content and information easier, and everyone will like that!

2. New merchandise! The new shirts, posters, composition books are all now in the online store. Get them now before they run out!

New Merchandise

3. The We’re Alive iOS app is here!

We're Alive iOS App
Download episodes the moment they are available. No more waiting for iTunes to update their database. The minute we hit publish, that episode is in your hands. We manage the content and organization. It is standalone, but it automatically syncs with your Podcast library from iTunes on your phone. Meaning, you already have episodes downloaded, no need to download them again. The app detects it. OR, say you want to delete an old episode to free up space, you can do that too from within the app. What if you don’t have much space? Stream episodes from within the App! This service works great as long as you have a good connection. If you’re moving around we suggest doing the download function. Mobile versions of the Forum, Chatroom, and Wiki at the push of a button. And this is just the beginning! New features and updates to come! Special thanks to Chris Toliver for making this come to life. We started this project over a year ago, and now it’s ready!


4. Last, but not least, there’s a book in the works!

It’s been a long road for this project as well, but I’m working closely with Bowie Ibarra on a new mini-novel tentatively titled “We’re Alive: Burt’s Story”. What is it? It goes into the backstory and what happened to Burt before we meet him in the series. That’s all I can divulge for now, but here’s a picture from one of the other books Bowie has done:
Aren’t those great? But wait, there’s EVEN MORE! Why stop at 4!

12 Million downloads! That’s right. We haven’t updated our report in a while, but the infection is spreading!!!! It’s all because you keep telling your friends and other. We couldn’t do this without you! Thanks again for all your help.

Oh, and one more thing…


ALL the promo pictures are online!

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