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The following was made in part with Outbreak Undead, and is located on their website here. Be sure to download the full stylized PDF version of this document by Renegade Studios which includes character breakdowns and more information.

What is We’re Alive:Frontier?

We’re Alive: Frontier is a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Horror RPG (role playing game) show of hope, survival, and manifest destiny. Set in the world of We’re Alive an award-winning podcast series developed by Kc Wayland, this is improvisational storytelling at its best as brought to you by Project Alpha and Geek & Sundry.

The Story

“Rail Driver” by Stern Industries

It’s been seventeen years since the outbreak first began, now the Mississippi Line acts as border between those infected, and those attempting to rebuild civilization. A group of Survivors must cross the river in order to ensure the Survival of those at home.

The Stakes

In the series, if a player’s character dies during the session, they are gone for good. Unlike traditional role-playing games, this allows new players to join the table. Keeping a unique approach to the show.

About the Game

We’re Alive: Frontier uses Outbreak: Undead – An award winning zombie survival simulation RPG that focuses on realism and communal storytelling of terrible odds and hope. Now in its second edition, it’s the ‘modern survival horror’ RPG that allows you to create any kind of outbreak scenario you wish, even the ability to play as yourself!

Details about the mission:

UA Letter

Original UA Letter

Dear Chinwei Jiang, President of Westport.

         To our brothers and sisters out west, we send our blessings. It’s good to keep contact. We have some updates from the front line. The border is secure. It seems that our struggle with the ever changing infection has been held off by the Mississippi River. But, not without many losses.

         Matthew Upton was able to secure the northern border near Michigan, and fortified the state of Wisconsin. After falling in battle, his son Norman took command of his militias, and drove back the fierce northern, well, what we call “Tribes” out here. Left to themselves, the infected seem to be ever changing. No matter where you go there seems to be some new adaptation or form of them. If god didn’t curse us enough with these things, why couldn’t he have taken away their ability to fuck!?! After so many of them that we’ve killed, I swear that we’ve found what could be in their 4th or fifth generation now. It’s hard to tell, the damn things keep changing. We’ve lost track, they just keep multiplying like rabbits. Almost like they know that increasing their numbers improves their ability to survive. It was hard enough to push them past the Mississippi, but it’s been done. There’s enough manpower behind us now to hold there. The attacks are getting less and less on our borders, but we do encounter some infestations testing the lines, but we know now how to keep them back. They don’t get through. With the exception of the damn city of lost souls, we’ve cleared out up to Maine. North of that, well fuck it. You don’t want to go north of that.

       There has been a lot of industrialization over on our side, that we’re eager to trade between us. We’ve been working on securing a new rail line after our northern route was taken out. It’s taking time, but it will be done. A new expedition is on the books that will establish a new rail line to you directly out of St. Louis. We have faith that they will be able to re-establish the connection that we were once spoiled with. We still hope to repair the bridge out of Chicago, but that is going to take more time to repair all the structural damage. There are remaining outposts and communities that lay between us that we have lost contact with since the line breaking, and desperately wish to reconnect. There are many loved ones that could still be alive out there in the Frontier, and long for help. So, we’re sending a team.

       We’ve secured some documents that will allow our Stern Rail Driver safe passage over the river. Beyond that, there’s no guarantee anything beyond that. We do have other envoys that could be sent. Lord knows there’s plenty of Sterns around to throw at the task. The Third Asher Emerson Stern will been deployed this time. We could always throw a fourth or fifth at them. I think they’re on their ninth or tenth by now… speaking of rabbits…

       The UA’s confident that it’ll be done, and I’m sure my cousin can handle it. He’s got a lot of aces up his sleeves. We’re fortunate to recruit Lucky Jenny. She has pulled some crazy shit before. Bad situation, she still finds some way out of it. Next up is Stingray. She is firey that one. Goes into every fight guns blazing. A total asset. And if the do get roughed up out there, they have Bandaid to patch them up. He seems to know what he’s doing. However, they do have this guy Wraith on board. And what’s with them all wanting to go by code names? Is that a thing that everyone does now? No one goes by their god given names or anything? They all need to have some nickname. Why does no one care about actual genealogical surnames so we actually know who the fuck someone is, but who am I to complain?

Your friend on the front line, Sergeant Ryan Stern.

United America Army

PS. Wisconsin is now being called “Upton”. We can’t call it Wisconsin any more, that’s apparently the “old term”. To me, it’ll always be Wisconsin, you can’t just rename a state when you feel like it. What did we defend this world if not to retain a little bit of what it once was of ours?

PPS. Mississippi is now “Hager”.           I’m sorry.

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We’re Alive:Frontier episode 2

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