We’re Alive – Chapter 24 – “The Harder they Fall”

Originally Published 30 July 2011 – Length: 53:38

Ok, so what is this? Why is it in the middle of the last season that we are updating an older episode? And why was it so important to update the main podcast feed?

In case you didn’t know, after every season is over we go back and re-edit the chapters and create a “remastered” version for the CD/Audible/iTunesAudiobook downloads. We sometimes change out music, add different sound fx, etc. Since we produce the episodes at an accelerated rate, sometimes we can’t get something composed in time or have to cut a few corners due to our schedule. Normally, those fixes don’t change the story. This time we had to fix something that caused a lot of confusion and ultimately was a mistake on my part (Kc).

Here’s the story. When chapter 24 was written, it included a small mentioning of a Maller named “Puck”. He was named that because he liked hockey, that wasn’t his real name. It didn’t make any difference at the time, but then in Season 3 I developed a new character come and his name was going to be “Pike”, named after a friend of mine in the service. Then, after thinking about it, I thought there might be some fallback using part of someone’s real name. Last minute, I changed Pike to Puck, and moved on from there.

The problem was, because I changed it last minute, no one remembered that the name had already been used in a previous chapters. It was an honest “Oops” moment. People who go back and listen to the series might have noticed it, and we’re actually going to fix it in all publications after this. It lead to some very interesting theories, and ultimately left me feeling stupid as I’ve been pretty good about those sorts or mistakes.

Is it a huge deal? No. Did I want to fix it? YES! So that’s what we did. It took a while since our recording days are usually so jam packed, it’s difficult to have the actors listen to a previous performance and re-record their lines with the exact inflections they did before. One of the side benefits of this happening? We are releasing the remastered version of Chapter 24 into the normal podcast feed. It’s not hugely different overall, but it’s noticeable. If you’re curious about what the remastered versions sound like, I would say to definitely check out season 1. We made the most changes there since that was where we all started. There might be some people who might consider this “Lucas-ing” our show by going back and modifying what we created, but we don’t think so. Lucas went back and changed stuff for the sake of changing it, we just wanted to fix a mistake.

There you have it! TL;DR, we went back and fixed a minor mistake, and are re-releasing the episode. If you want to hear the new version, you may need to just delete that one episode from the podcast episode list and re-download it, or you can just stream it below.

Do you think we have more little mistakes in the series? Check out the Forum thread “Loopholes & Inconsistencies” and see if yours in on the list.

-Kc Wayland – Writer/Director of We’re Alive


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