Stuart Kennon
Stuart Kennon
HometownVenice, CA
Cast StatusActive


  • Continuing workshops with Huck Ligget of The Voicecaster in Burbank, California
  • Graduate of the Voices For All Master Class in Los Angeles, California
  • My hobbies include reading, skateboarding(yes i'm 48 yrs. and have a half pipe ramp in my backyard that i skate), and getting tattooed.
  • I'm tattooed from head to toe (see psycho da clown you tube). I like getting autographs signed on my body and having them tattooed on; mostly old school punk rockers & skaters so far. I have all the members of youth brigade, mike watt best bass player in the world, Dwayne Peters best skater in the world, 2 members of punk rock band ch3, Rodger Merritts of hardcore band agnostic front, Rev Beatman just too name a few.
  • I drive a bad ass 56 chevy blue flake roof on black [ see attached ] and working on restoring a 1965 amc rambler for my wife.
  • Last but not least, I'm a huge lame-ass comic book geek. Where would the world be without super heroes? I love punk rock but the old punk most of what people call punk rock today is just CRAP.

56 Chevy

[top]Fun Fact

I'm also a clown PSYCHO DA CLOWN he can be found on youtube search psycho da clown[some adult content]
I'm in one of the oldest car clubs in so cal THE LORDSMEN est.1961.

[top]Stories from the Set of We're Alive


T.V. Commercials –
· Tacoma Farmers Market Main voiceover Triniti Media LLC
· JR Dunn Jewelers Voice of dog – main character Colonial Marketing
· Shoppers Corner Main Voiceover Tam Communications
· Inner Vision Male voiceover Meister-Home Prod.
· Charlie Garris Campaign Ad Main voiceover Meister-Home Prod.
· 3Psycho City Tattoo Commercials Director/Writer/Voice Jet Hawk Stadium
· RadioCaller I.D.’s Voiceover Tidal Broadcasting
· Radio drama life reformatted policeman, café man, officer BlastbayStudio
· Storyboard Project VO -Passenger Guard & Orderly Maurice Clayborne
· Game Changer Inc. com Main Voiceover Triniti Media LLC
· We’re Alive Pod Cast Bricks – Main Character Wyland Productions
· Simulated attorney website Attorney# 3 Randall Kiser Ltd.

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