Other NicknamesBiters, Zombies, Creatures, Things
First appearanceChapter 1
DepartureStill Present in W.A.
Sighted AtArmy Reserve Center, Tower, Locked and Loaded, LAX, Mall, Refueling Station, Arena, Hospital, Colony, Beach House and more
Special AbilitiesPhysically resilient, adaptation
Physical TraitsCloudy eyes, smell like feces

[top]Zombie Information and Background

The majority of the zombies encountered in the story are this variety. While not possessing some of the special traits of other zombies, they are still capable of running and protecting themselves from harm. Their strength comes in pack hunting, overwhelming their prey by sheer volume. Regulars seem to be able to ignore physical pain inflicted on them. They have been seen walking on broken legs, and can survive multiple gunshots to their body without being killed. They are susceptible to headshots, as well as large traumatic injuries from explosions. While they are capable of seemingly ignoring pain, they do seek to avoid it. There have been instances of zombies avoiding and hiding from gunfire to protect themselves.

According to specialist Robbins in chapter #33 Regulars seem to be affected by cold temperature in the way that they entirely stop moving out in the cold of winter. Theory: Either cold stops them entirely, or they freeze like hematocryal animals (reptiles, insects) and may unfreeze if it gets warmer again.

Regulars also possess the ability to adapt to certain things. Michael makes home made chloroform to knock the zombies out so they can be tagged and tracked back to their "nest." Initially effective, the zombies adapt to the attack and resist the effects of the chloroform.

Regular zombies have seemingly changed their hunting tactics since the beginning of the series. Originally sound was the major factor in attracting the zombies, but smell has since become the primary hunting tool and the larger concern of the survivors. Sound is still used and has to be checked by all survivors though as gunshots still attract large amounts of zombies on occasion.

According to Skittles, regulars avoid Behemoths however they have both been seen together in the Arena and outside the hospital.

Regulars are called "normals" by Skittles as well. He describes them hunting in big groups with each individual being strong and quick; according to his observations they eat anything, what is supported by the bones of humans and animals found by Angel and Riley in the arena. Often they are refered to as "biters".

Theory: While speaking about the Behemoths in chapter 17, Skittles mentions "Banes" describing them as eating anything, "even each other", but they would not see anything. The question would be: Does Skittles refer to regulars or the newly appeared "small ones"?


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