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    | name = Michael
    | fullname = Michael Cross
    | nickname = Broken Wing
    | group = The Tower
    | image = [file]MichaelPortrait.jpg|center|Michael Cross[/file]
    | actor = [wiki="Jim Gleason"]Jim Gleason[/wiki]
    | debut = [wiki="1 - It Begins"]Chapter 1 - It Begins[/wiki]
    | departure = Recurring
    | gender = Male
    | Date of Birth = Unknown
    | rank = Sergeant (SGT)/E-5
    | occupation = Military Intelligence
    | residence = [wiki]The Tower[/wiki]
    | Talent = Intel Gathering, Leadership
    | Spouse =
    | Ex-Wife =
    | Ex-Husband =
    | Romantic = [wiki]Pegs[/wiki]
    | parent(s) =Deceased
    | child(ren) =
    | sibling(s) =
    | grandparent(s)=
    | other =
    [*]Full Name: [B]Michael Cross[/B]
    [*]Former Occupation: [B]Military Intelligence[/B]
    [*]Special Talents: [B]Intel Gathering, Leadership[/B]
    [*]Age: [B]27 at the beginning of the Story[/B]
    [*]First Appeared:[B] [wiki="1 - It Begins"]Chapter 1 - It Begins[/wiki], introduces you to the story. [/B]
    [*] Current Status: [B]Alive[/B]
    [*]Entered Military after events of 9/11
    [*]Began first tour of duty as a "hard charge" (meaning enthusiastic) Private First Class
    [*]Ended third tour of duty as a "tired and depressed" Sargent
    [*]Background: Combat experience in Iraq, went into Army for College.
    [*]Parents Died on his 3rd Tour to Iraq. Did not return home for the funeral.
  2. +
    [*]Michaels M.O.S. was 53 Foxtrot, Intelligence Analyst
    [*]A natural and respectable leader.
    [*]Sharp, quick-thinking, and easily picks up on things.
    [*]Became detached from other people after losing his parents while serving in Iraq.
    [*]Is sometimes viewed by others as insensitive and uncaring because he hides his emotions.
    [*]Has a difficult time expressing his feelings for others.
    [*]Current love interest of Pegs.
    [h="2"]Notable In The Series[/h]
    [*]Prominent Main Character in the series and leader of the Tower.
    [*]Breaks Arm in between [WIKI="9 - The Road to Living Death"]Chapter 9[/WIKI] and [WIKI="10 - Purgatory"]10[/WIKI], but has not explained how.
    [*]Narrates [WIKI="1 - It Begins"]Chapter 1[/WIKI], [WIKI="2 - The Two Things"]2[/WIKI]
    [*]Relinquished leadership to Burt in [WIKI="14 - Out of the Ashes"]Chapter 14[/WIKI] after losing Tower residents in the War.
    [*]Regained leadership from [WIKI="Burt"]Burt[/WIKI] after coming back from the colony
    |text = "I didn't fear death or what might be there if today was my last day. But that was then and this is now." - [WIKI]Michael[/WIKI] in [WIKI]1 - It Begins[/WIKI]
    |text = "Shoot that bitch in the face!" - [WIKI]Michael[/WIKI] in [WIKI]3 - The New Arrivals[/WIKI]
    |text = "Somebody here sold us out, I know it..." - [WIKI]Michael[/WIKI] just before the confrontation with the Mallers in [WIKI]12 - The War[/WIKI]
    |text = "Hit him again!" - [WIKI]Michael[/WIKI] after Angel punches Burt in [WIKI]13 - Separate Dying Embers[/WIKI]
    |text = "Because all the passive ones are dead. " - [WIKI]Michael[/WIKI] in response to [wiki]Pegs[/wiki] asking why everyone they meet are aggresive assholes. [WIKI]17 - There Might Be Others[/WIKI]

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