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    The Journals are small notebooks filled with daily logs from the survivors.

    [file]NotepadOutside.jpg|thumb|Composition Book from We're Alive[/file]
    Appears in:
    [list][*][wiki="1 - It Begins"]Chapter 1[/wiki] - [wiki]Michael[/wiki] begins retelling the story recalling the events of May 8th, 2009 stating "I write this, not really for anyone to read, but for my own sanity. Maybe if I go over it again from the beginning it might make more sense to me, then again maybe not."
    [*][wiki="4 - Rules and Regulations"]Chapter 4[/wiki] - [wiki]Michael[/wiki] writes in his journal with continuous interuption by [wiki]Tommy[/wiki] and [wiki]Burt[/wiki].
    [*][wiki="5 - Lady and the Tink"]Chapter 5[/wiki] - Saul writes in the journal on his trip with Lizzy and Burt "I really don't see the point in writing any of this down. Michael, if you're reading this, I just want you to know that I think this is pointless. But what do I know. And if I turn into one of those things because you sent me out here, your ass is lunch"
    [*][wiki="10 - Purgatory"]Chapter 10[/wiki] - Datu uses his journal as an outlet for when he was trapped in the arena.
    [*][wiki="19 - The Catalyst"]Chapter 19[/wiki] - Pegs gives Michael her journal and reveals she hid his and Kelly's journals while Michael was in surgery so the Colony wouldn't know too much
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    [*][wiki="22 - Our Doubt's are Traitors"]Chapter 22[/wiki] - Tanya is scanning all the journals, so that they have a digital copy of the information, but don't have to carry the hard copies, which will save them space on the plane.

    General Info:
    [*]Michael implemented the idea so that everyone had to keep a record of what happens in the tower, for record keeping and to keep track of information.
    [*]Journals are kept by everyone in the tower, with the exception of Bill.
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