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Full NameUnknown
Portrayed byBen Jurand
First appearanceChapter 12 - The War
Final appearanceRecurring
Former OccupationUnknown
ResidenceThe Mall
Special TalentsExpert Marksman


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Former Occupation: Unknown
  • Special Talents: Expert Marksman
  • Age: Unknown
  • First Appeared: Chapter 12 - The War, Was the negotiator between the Tower and the Mallers before the War.
  • Current Status: Dead


  • Background: Was imprisoned in Eastern bay at the time of the incident. Known for his manipulation, and violent tendencies.


  • Calm and collected, yet dangerous.

[top]Notable In The Series


"Coincidentally, I was hoping to take you up on the invitation of your friend shouting out the window. We just want to come in and join the party so to speak." - Durai in 12 - The War
"It would be wise not to insult me." - Durai in 12 - The War

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