Primary Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the US Army. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle family entered service in the early 1980s, it has seen continuous improvement and it remains in widespread service. There are typically 200 or more Bradleys stationed at Fort Irwin.

Wikipedia Article:

M2 Bradley

  • Chapter 34, Part 3 Colonel Kimmet directs the deployment of Bradleys over the radio.
  • Chapter 35, Bradleys provide the main defensive force for Fort Irwin at 3 checkpoints. At first the Bradleys "shred" the attacking Little Ones, but eventually the Little Ones figure out a way to get in to the Bradleys and kill their crews.
  • Chapter 36, Michael sees four Bradleys that have been disabled by Little Ones, three of which had, "their back doors completely torn off".

  • Armament: 25mm Auto-cannon, TOW anti-tank guided missile launcher, 7.62mm machinegun
  • Maximum weapons range: 4 miles missile, 2.5 miles cannon, 1 mile machinegun
  • M2 Infantry version carries a 6-man rifle squad
  • M3 Cavalry Scout version carries a 3-4 man scout team


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