6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay

"The Remains of Eastern Bay"
Chapter 6 CoverChapter 6 Cover
Chapter Number6
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Cover ArtistKc Wayland
Audio EditorChase Ogden
Kc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date9/28/09
Part 2 Air Date10/5/09
Part 3 Air Date1012/09
Character NarratorSaul
Places in EpisodeThe Mall
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Burt, Datu, Kelly, Lizzy, Pegs, Riley, Saul, Charlie, Latch, Scratch


Burt, Saul, and Lizzy continue driving the tanker back to the tower, with Burt and Saul taking turns as drivers. An entertaining exchange of insults occurs between Burt and Saul until Lady starts barking. They pull over for a bathroom break for both the survivors and the dog, when Burt hears another car in the distance, coming up from behind them. The occupants get out after sitting in their car for a minute, revealing to be a man and a woman, both armed with 9mm pistols. Burt greets the two, making small talk until Lizzy gets tired and starts to walk over. The woman, Scratch, points her gun at Lizzy and tells her to back up and not come any closer.
Saul moves forward and brings Lizzy back towards the tanker while Burt tries to get Scratch to lower her weapon. As the man tries to calmly negotiate, Scratch identifies him as her brother, Latch. Everyone lowers their weapons, trying to talk peacefully. Scratch seems wary, but her brother steps forward to talk with Saul, both unarmed, as they greet each other by name, revealing that he and his sister are twins. Latch and Scratch reveal that they want their tanker, claiming that it's theirs. Burt recognizes her gun and she reveals it as coming from his store.
After a bit of bickering, Saul and Latch come to an agreement that they may be able to trade for the tanker. Burt, Saul, and Lizzy begin to talk over their options of how to deal with Latch and Scratch. Burt doesn?t trust them and simply wants to take them out. As Saul approaches the twins, he mentions that their supplies were wrecked in the hybrid, when we find out that those two were the voices Saul heard when he was stuck in the car. Latch mentions the girl, referring to Lizzy, with the two insinuating several different ideas, until Burt steps in as her defense.
The situation escalates until Burt suggests that he'll shoot the fuel tank on another 18 wheeler causing an explosion. Scratch believes he's bluffing and can't shoot from that far and he instead shoots the rear view mirror. Latch does the smart thing and pulls Scratch out to leave, when Burt makes the same Road Warrior reference that he made in Chapter 5. Saul decides to stay behind and make sure they don?t follow Burt and Lizzy back to the tower, with Burt giving the CB radio out of the tanker. They drive forward a bit and he leaves to find another car to find follow them.
Burt and Lizzy:
They stop by another truck and find a replacement radio to keep in contact with Saul if need be. After a while, Lizzy finally manages to get the radio connected and operating, just before arriving back at the tower. Burt volunteers to stay in the tanker to listen for Saul's radio signal, unaware that Saul had already attempted to get a hold of them. In the tower, Datu is still trying to get the generator running as Lizzy comes upstairs, telling them where to park the tanker.
The narrative cuts to Saul's point of view, trying to get a hold of Burt as he finds a scooter. With the convertible long gone by the time he gets the scooter started, he searches for a half hour in the direction they were headed until he finds the convertible parked in front of a clothing store. The two are wary of telling "him" about the survivors getting away with the tanker, coming up with an idea of how to alter the truth. Saul also hears them reveal that Latch, Scratch, and the rest of their team were from the prison, showing that the prisoners really did get out. They leave to head back to their camp, with Saul following along. Saul manages to follow Latch and Scratch to a strip mall, setting up camp on top of a store across from the mall. He tries the radio again and gets through finally with Michael answering on the other side, telling them about a barricaded shopping center with improvised lookout towers and the fact that the survivors are what is left of the prisoners. Saul is startled by Scratch taking another prisoner and beating him up, claiming that he was responsible for the others taking the tanker. Scratch gets him to confess to falling asleep on his watch, killing him and attracting a horde of zombies. She hears Michael on the radio and orders the watchtower to shoot at the roof, trying to escape and letting the others know that he came under fire.
The Tower:
The connection is lost and the tower is left unaware of whether Saul made it or not, keeping the secret from Lizzy and the others. With Burt's help, Datu finally gets the generator running and goes to hook it up downstairs. Confiding in Riley that they lost contact with Saul, Michael gets a hug from her just as Pegs walks down, storming off as she believes something is going on between the two. In a stunning development all of the bodies disappeared from outside of the building. Saul shows up on his scooter, proving that he's actually alive, explaining that he barely escaped and calling a meeting to tell everyone details of what he found out while scoping out the shopping mall. Saul calls the prisoners "Mallers" giving them a suitable nickname to refer to them and their camp. Angel also comes up with a theory of how the zombies are coming after them, expressing the idea to the other survivors, revealing that it's the smell. Lizzy also mentions the animal theory, making a statement that she has seen half-eaten animals around, making the idea that not all animals are safe from the infected. Lizzy volunteers to take up lead of the experiments on what it is about their smell that the zombies are attracted to. Michael finally brings up the fact that the bodies were all gone, making the other survivors confused, nervous, and also bringing up the question of where the others were taking the bodies.


The original "air dates" of Chapter 6 were
  • Part 1- 9/28/2009
  • Part 2- 10/5/2009
  • Part 3- 10/12/2009


"I'm running the show now, just follow my lead." - Scratch in 6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay

"That things a piece of sh*t! I hope some zombie thug steals it!" - Saul in 6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay



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