"Life and Death"
Chapter Number44
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date3/24/14
Part 2 Air Date3/31/14
Part 3 Air Date4/7/14


[top]Part 1

The episode starts with Tanya calling to the Colony. Lizzy is going into labor. They need to head to Cain Medical Hospital for emergency surgery. Hope doesn't like it but there's no other choice. Kelly and Lizzy agree that Cain is not safe we should not go. Saul intercepts and tells Kelly to stay with him. Lizzy is annoyed but Saul says they have to go sooner or later. Kelly gives in and Saul gets everything together. Saul gets a big radio but it doesn't work.

The radio crackles and switches to Michael, Victor and Datu. They're stuck in the tunnel. Michael gets a flashlight going, with little light. Michael is worried if there is more light, zombies will sense them.

[top]Part 2

[top]Part 3






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