"It Only Takes One"
Chapter Number34
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date10/1/12
Part 2 Air Date10/8/12
Part 3 Air Date10/15/12


[top]Part 1

Episode starts with Fort Irwin being unable to contact Boulder command, it has been 2 hours since last contact. Kimmet orders a task force scrambled. The satellite gateway is not responding so they need to call one of the 3 direct lines, 1 is Boulder command 2 is direct to the Mayor and the 3rd line Kimmet tries in private but there is no response. There is 100,000 people in Boulder the thought of 100,000 thousand of the little ones is horrifying. There is 8,200 military forces in Boulder many of them Nation Guard with experience in Iraq. Michael is stressed because he is worried about his friends, he never considered Boulder at risk, but somehow they found a way around him to get to his friends. Helicopters can only carry enough fuel for a 1 way trip so they send just one team “echo” team to Boulder. About 60 miles out they make contact with Greg Muldoon and Anthony Roberts helicopter flying back from Boulder to request help.

Its confirmed that Boulder is under attack, Power and Communications relay was hit first, Hundreds inside the wall are infected. The command staff is gone and the Mayor is probably Dead. Greg Muldoon is flying the chopper but specialist Tony Roberts takes over the call. Boulder is fighting back but they need help now. Kimmet orders the attack teams to take off and take control of the situation before it gets out of hand.

The scene switches to Datu and Hope in the streets of Boulder. They are trying to make it back to their place but the small ones are getting too close. They try to flag down a military crew but they are told to get inside their homes. The first house they try for shelter the owner tells them to go away. Hope has had a surgery to fix her eyes, but has to keep them covered. Datu finds an empty house to hide in. The boarded up windows are not strong enough so Datu fixes the worst with supplies he finds in the basement. Hope questions how some of the zombies get in when the rest froze up.

Datu and Hope hear the person that denied them shelter next door get torn up by zombies so they hide in the basement. A zombie breaks into the basement so they run into the garage where the only weapon Datu can find is a Pick Axe. Mighty Datu kills the zombie in one blow, when examining the body Datu exclaims “Its skin what the hell is going on”

The scene switches back to Ft Irwin where Anthony Roberts is pleading with Kimmet to evacuate all of Boulder. Kimmet explains that there is no way to transport everyone from Boulder and there was not enough food to feed everyone if they make it. Kimmet takes Michael and Puck into a private and explains that there are nuclear bombs in both Boulder and Ft Irwin that can be set off remotely if either is overrun. Kimmet is going to set off the Nuke without evacuating Boulder but They convince him that the assault teams will arrive in 20 minutes at least some people can be saved. Kimmet reluctantly gives the order to Evacuate Boulder.

[top]Part 2

Datu is woken by the army broadcasting orders to Evacuate Boulder to the South gate and go West on 70 to a checkpoint. Hope tells Datu that they don’t have a car and she could drive better than him. Hope then whines that they don’t have any guns, Datu replies the guy next door did and this (pick axe) worked better. She whines again I bet he at least had a car so Datu decides to look for it. He ties a rope to Hope so that they don’t get separated. When they get next door Datu has to find the legs to the body to get his keys. When they get to the garage Data repeats “please don’t be a stick shift” When he sees the car he says “oh My it will be fast but I don’t know about the snow”. The car starts with a deep growl of a hot-rodded V-8. Datu stops at an intersection and is hit by another car. The other driver apologizes and then is immediately attacked by a zombie. After finding their way to Pegs and Kelly blocked they decide they must go it alone. They soon join a convoy of cars of people fleeing the city. When they get out of the city they are dismayed at how few cars are on the road with them.

At Kimmet’s command center Puck lets them know that the north side is getting hit hard and it is hard to evacuate. Michael lets them know that the snow plows are clearing paths out of the city then curses in dismay that the airport has been hit. The South side is having more successes at the evacuations and a lot of people are already at the meet up point at Evergreen turnoff. Michael then curses that the airport has been hit. The C-130 transport has been torn up and it’s next to the refueling stations so now the Helicopters won’t be able to refuel. Kimmet orders the choppers to evacuate as many as possible to the rendezvous at the turnoff at Evergreen there is a bunch of parking lots near a S-Mart. Kimmet gives the 15 minute warning until detonation. Michael begs him to give the people more time but Kimmet says it’s already been too long. Fallout wind reports are good , going West to East so Ft-Irwin will be safe. They review the blast distance reports, Up to 1.7 Miles from blast site, 12 psi 98% dead, Up to 2.7 miles 40% dead 4.7 miles 5% dead. The Evergreen turnoff is 40 miles from the blast site so they should be safe. Kimmet warns Major Thorn to use extreme caution of anyone who might be infected.

Michael walks out of the command center for a smoke and runs into Anthony Roberts. Roberts expresses regret over missing the one zombie that got away. Michael tells him that if he hadn’t returned Kimmet would have set off the Nuke sooner. Anthony says “so half as many deaths on my conscience”. Michael comforts him by saying “ There are so many things out of your control that you can only do what you can, took me awhile to learn that. Michael comments that he has the only helicopter left, The Pelican is still broken whatever Datu did Ft Irwin’s best mechanics couldn’t fix it.

Datu is lost and is just following the car in front of him, The road is plowed so he assumes they are going in the right direction. The car in front of him stops and they ask him if they are at the meet up point. He says no he is taking a different way but ran out of gas. When they offer the driver a ride he pulls a gun and tries to steal their car. Datu drives off with the stranger shooting at him. The stranger chases him but they easily outrun him. When they reach the 6th at 7:23 AM they decide that they are lost and that they should go to Fort Irwin instead of the meet up. Hope whines about how worthless Datu is so he gets mad and stops the car and yells at her how he wouldn’t be in this situation if he hadn’t stayed to help her. They find a rest area and Datu is breaking into cars to find a Map when Hope points out there is a map in their own glove box.

All of Major Thorns helicopters have landed at the meet up so Kimmet says its time and punches the code for the nuke. As Datu and Hope discuss which route to take the Nuke goes off to their complete shock.

[top]Part 3

December 18th almost 24 hours after detonation, the first groups of refugees from Boulder started trickling in. Ft Irwin will quickly run out of space. The main body is due to arrive soon there are only 1200 survivors. Michael flips through the records but doesn’t find his friends. Kimmet allows Tonya to leave her quarters because he needs everyone possible to check the survivors for infection. Michael goes to take a break and Reily finds him. Michael has to tell her that their friends are not on the list of know Boulder Survivors.

Datu is lost again, and still hasn’t found the main group. The car is almost out of gas and hopes that they can make it to the next town when the car stops. The only vehicles nearby are diesels so they are stuck. They go to inspect a hummer that has been abandoned for a while. The battery is dead so they can’t start it and the radio won’t work. Datu realizes they are close to Fort Irvin so he can call them for help. He needs 2 batteries to get the 24 volts needed, as he goes to remove the radio he hears gunfire in the near distance.

At Ft Irwin they get the message that there are turners in the main group. Kimmet and Michael get in a fight and Michael defies him by getting in the chopper going to help the main group. The Convoy is being overrun by waves of zombies a few soldiers are fighting but it is mostly chaos. Anthony realizes in shock that the turners are the nasty ones from Boulder. The helicopter attack with hydra missiles at the center mass of zombies only spreads them out making the situation worse. Kimmet orders them to keep attacking, then orders them to attack the vehicles fleeing towards Irwin. Michael and Anthony argue with him and Kimmet allows them to return to the base. Michael then gets a call relayed to him from Datu. He realizes that Datu and Hope are between Ft Irwin and the Zombies. Michael picks them up just in time. Datu asks if they have the tanks at Ft Irwin to stop them, and Michael replies “this time we do”.

Kimmet orders Michael to send out the KODI. Michael realizes that Datu is there so he can fix the Pelican.
The episode ends with the Satellite phone ringing, and everyone shocked that the call is coming from the team from LA.



"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" - Puck



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