"Red Winter"
Chapter Number33
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date9/3/12
Part 2 Air Date9/10/12
Part 3 Air Date9/17/12


[top]Part 1

The episode starts with the sound of a UGV (unmanned Ground Vehicle) breaking a vial of sweat and playing the sound of a person calling for help. Zombies come running then an explosion sounds. A hummer drives up to the site and Puck and Michael banter about how a few more of these could clear out Barstow. Michael calls it KODI (Killing Ordinance Deployment Initiative) Puck has lost a bet to Michael about this working but doesnít have 5 credits to pay Michael. While examining the damage done Michael estimates the robotically dropped explosive killed 15 zombies. Puck comments that the recruits are getting stupider and Michael explains that because of the cold front in Boulder Colorado, everyone is dying to get someplace warm. Simms notices a little shrapnel in KODI but its fixable. Michael checks a body of a zombie then writes an entry into his personal journal. Michael comments about how KODI reminds him of Johnny Five.

After returning to Fort Irwin Puck and Michael meet in the mess hall. Kimmitís niece (captain Long) is supposed to return today and they speculate they may have found something on his mission to LA. Michael tells Puck that Carl in in Boulder for a few days picking a medical team. Puck suggests that Michael should use his authority to call Pegs over the Satellite phone. Puck comments on how Reilly has been an assist since she was promoted to a cook. Reilly is upset and wants Michael to get her transferred so she can do field work. Kimmet doesnít trust Reilly yet but Michael promises to ask Kimmet one more time.

Michael brings a book to Tonya in her quarantine space. In the book Michael hidden a zombie toe and other small parts for her to analyze. Kimmet denies her release again and she is worried she will crack.
Ft Irwin gets message that Captain Long (Kimmetís niece) had her back and legs crushed. Despite Michaels Objections Kimmet orders the helicopter to make the long trip to Boulder because that would be the only chance for her to walk again.
At the end of part one Michael and Puck calculate that the Helicopter should have already arrived at Boulder.

[top]Part 2

Specialist Anthony Robbins narrates the rescue mission to find the Helicopter with Kimmetís daughter. Carl Thomas, learns that the zombies can freeze from the pictures that Tony Robbins shows him. Tony also manning the M134 minigun on the Black hawk. The crash looks survivable and they are almost fooled by 2 zombies in uniform that they gun down at the last minute. An inspection of the crash site shows that 1 body is missing. Carl has Tony confirm his suspicion that a zombie tore through the side of the helicopter. They follow 2 sets of footprints into the woods, and discover that 1 set of footprints stop at the pine tree. The Zombie kills two soldiers before they can retreat to the helicopter. Tony Shoots the zombie with the mini-gun and sends Carl out to inspect the body of the Female Zombie that was so hard to kill. Tony finds a number 2 tattooed on the zombie arm so Carl calls Michael with the Satellite phone. Tony finds one of the soldiers is still alive and he turns as they try to give him medical aid. The other soldier turns too but is as hard to kill as the #2 zombie. Everyone is shocked at how fast the newly turned solderís skin becomes hard enough to stop some of the bullets. Kimmet orders them to return his Nieceís body and burn the other ones. Michael defies a direct order from Kimmet and orders Carl to bring back the #2 Zombie

[top]Part 3

It was 11 days until the next scheduled flight from Boulder to Ft Irwin. Carl Smuggled the body on board. On December 16th the body arrived and Michael had a team prepped to do a secret autopsy on Zombie #2. Reilly was there in full medical Scrubs but she is pissed that Michael didnít tell her about the mission. Carl shows up with the body, he is allowed to stay and watch because Kimmit would miss him, but Michael and Puck have to go to Captain Longís Memorial service. Michael checks the body bag just to make sure they have the zombie and not Captain long. Kimmet catches Reily and Carl with the zombie body and they convince him that they are going to clean his nieceís body before the memorial service. Reily videotapes Tonya doing the autopsy. Tonya makes the following observations, the skin is very tough, the bones are extremely hard to cut. The zombie is a female with flat breasts. The teeth are also small and falling out. When Tonya notices the finger nails are up to a Ĺ thick and have been sharpened. The heart is 30% oversized and has extra arteries. Carl mentioned that the recently changed zombies had the same traits and Michael gets mad that he was not told about it, Carl said he told Michael on the phone and in his report that Michael didnít read. Reily realizes that she and Kalani saw where the numbered zombies were made in the Hospital. At the same time everyone realizes that the one soldier that was not found at the crash site could be turned and on its way to Boulder. It takes a minute to convince Kimmet and when they try to contact Boulder they get no responseÖ


Indiana is never mentioned in this Episode





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