"Captive Hearts"
Chapter Number32
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date8/6/12
Part 2 Air Date8/13/12
Part 3 Air Date8/20/12


[top]Part 1

Episodes starts with Lizzy writing in her journal and she is interrupted by Bricks returning, he needs a change of clothes because his are covered in blood. He refuses to tell Lizzy who’s blood it is but gives her a piece of the gun that says Shirley. Bricks tells her about Scratch killing Angel and that Burt is being held prisoner. Bricks says that the doctor is gone now so only he and Tardust know what Scratch did. Since Scratch wants to hide it from Durai Lizzy thinks the best plan is to tell him. Bricks then confides that he never destroyed the video of Scratch killing Angel and agrees to show it to Durai.

The scene switches to Victor refusing to Hide in the water truck. He could get caught getting into it, the water inside is nasty, he could drown or someone could lock the latch. Saul volunteers but CJ insists it have to be Victor so he reluctantly agrees. The plan is to get into the water truck the opposite side of the pump controls and use suction cups to close the hatch to the tank most of the way. CJ plans to get a wetsuit and they agree to try it.

The water truck arrives on schedule and when the driver turns on the pump they flash a mirror at Victor and he successfully climbs into the tank. Saul and CJ follow at a distance in the truck but they have to stop several blocks away to prevent the colony’s scouts from seeing them. When the water truck reaches the inspection gate. The inspector sees that the hatch is not locked so he locks it from the outside, trapping Victor in the tank.

The episode ends with the truck driving off and parking inside the colony. The driver gets out of the truck, opens the hatch and tells whoever is in the tank that they can come out now.

[top]Part 2

The voice repeats last chance to get out of the water tank, or I open up and start slashing. Victor climbs out of the water tank to see Bixby, the guy Michael knocked out with a shovel. Victor realizes that Bixby is not going to turn him in to the Mallers. Bixby tells him to shut up and escorts him secretly to Gatekeeper’s place. Gatekeeper wants to know why Victor is here, because he doubted that he was there to help. Gatekeeper explains how bad it has been under the Mallers, Clayton got killed trying to break into the armory & they cut out Gatekeeper’s eye. Gatekeeper lets Victor use his encrypted radio and Saul makes a comment about Gatekeeper “Isn’t that the guy that screwed everyone over”. Victor tells Saul that he thinks they can trust Gatekeeper but Saul is busy running from Zombies.

Saul and CJ hide in an auto shop but a group of Zombies are loudly banging on the doors. CJ pulls her katana and says to raise the door “I just need 6 inches” Saul Replies “that’s what she said”. With the door up just a little CJ slashes the legs of all the zombies, letting them bleed out. They pull a tarp off of 67 Mustang Shelby to cover the bodies. They decide to sleep near the colony so they move the Swat van closer.

CJ gets the following information from Gatekeeper 90 colonist left, 20 slaves, no weapons, There are approximately 30 Mallers left. Lizzy is still alive but there is no easy way to get to her. Getting the satellite phone would be easy, but if they get inside Gatekeeper has no Idea how many people will fight. CJ tells Saul that she doesn’t see a way to get Lizzy out. Saul won’t give up… Then CJ says “It’s just a lot to risk if you have other options” and kisses Saul. Saul gets mad and says "is THIS why you won’t help us? Saul tells CJ he is done listening to her and comes up with a plan. He has Gatekeeper put his people on the wall near the gate, so they can take out the Mallers running the gate.

The next day they are ready to execute their plan when there is a knock at Gatekeeper’s door, The Mallers are having a roll call.

[top]Part 3

Bixby and Gatekeeper tell Victor they will have to delay the attack until another night. Saul calls Victor because the guards are being switched out at the gate. Victor decides to spy on the gathering and works his way over to the action.

Durai calls out Scratch for her killing of Angle, She declares it a mercy killing but Durai said he would have left it go if it hadn’t been for her other betrayals. Scratch points out that She is the one that freed the prisoners, found the colony and did the dirty work on blowing up the Hockey arena. When a Maller steps forward, Durai is distracted and Scratch takes a knife from her boot and stabs Durai in the chest. All hell breaks loose with Mallers loyal to Durai in a gun fight with Mallers loyal to Scratch. CJ and Saul realize this is the opportunity they have been waiting for and they charge toward the gate with the Swat van. Saul grabs the radio and begs Victor to get Lizzy to safety. Bricks grabs Lizzy and is taking her to safety when Scratch shoots him. Bricks dies in Lizzy’s arms, begging Lizzy to run to safety.

Gatekeepers men take out some of the gate guardians, and CJ stops the truck to take out the other guard. Saul and CJ get the Swat van past the outer gate. Zombies follow them in and they can’t open the inner gate until they can close the outer gate and kill the zombies trapped with them.
Victor gets to Lizzy but she doesn’t recognize him until he convinces her that Saul is on the radio, Before he gives Lizzy the radio he makes sure the kid in Saul’s, which it is. Lizzy grabs the radio and yells for Saul as she hears a heavy firefight over the radio. Saul grabs the radio and is Yelling Blonde! Blonde! when the episode ends.



I just need 6 inches

Thats what she said



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