"Mark of the Beast"
Chapter 21
Chapter Number21
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date4/25/11
Part 2 Air Date5/2/11
Part 3 Air Date5/9/11
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Bricks, Burt, Datu, Kalani, Kelly, Lizzy, Pippin, Riley, Saul, Scratch, Tanya, Tardust, Victor


Part 1

Music is playing and Bricks asks Tardust if he needs to have it so loud. There is a radio conversation asking about the state of the road that can be barely be heard over the music. Bricks says he can't hear the radio, and the music gets turned down. The last part part of the radio conversation is that someone is keeping good distance, they are not far behind, making it seem like they are in a convoy. Bricks asks Lizzy how she is doing. Tardust tells her that if she has to puke, she should use the bag because he doesn't want to 'deal with that stench the rest of the way'. Bricks comments that he can still smell it and Tardust says that he changed clothes. Lizzy asks where she is being taken and Tardust doesn't want her to know, telling her instead to sit back and enjoy the ride in the cab or he will put her back in the horse cart with the rest of them. Bricks isn't happy with this threat and Tardust is brushing him off when Scratch comes over the radio. She is mad because the first convoy is at the rest stop and the rest are dragging and need to speed up. Tardust copies that, and there is some more radio chatter. Tardust comments that he doesn't know how much longer he can stand being in this 'metal cage' because his legs are sore from earlier and Bricks points out that he wasn't cut that deep and to stop complaining. Tardust says he isn't complaining, he is just sick of how long it is taking because they have to drive around everything.

When Bricks asks if Tardust knows where they are, he tells him that noone gave him a map and then Bricks pulls one that Scratch gave him from the glove box. Tardust grabs the map and looks to see where they are and how long it is going to take. Tardust comments that they are on the 1-10 but before he says where on the 1-10 they are Bricks tells him to break. Tardust growls at Bricks for not giving him warning and Brick says that it is not his fault because they just stopped in front of him. Tardust gets impatient and jumps on the radio to see what is happening. Scratch yells back to 'give her a second, she is taking care of it'. Bricks wonders if it is her friends and Tardust says that it is not possible. Lizzy says they don't know them. Tardust laughs saying 'don't I, who do you think had to listen to your stupid ass bird talk', they heard everything. He comments that they should have chosen a better radio like they did, rather then continuing to use the CB when they knew the mallers had one. Lizzy asks what they are using, but Tardust won't tell her. Bricks points out that they are still not moving and Tardust wants to know what he wants him to do, it probably means there is something bigger wrong up the front.

They start moving again and Tardust asks what Bricks is so scared of. When Bricks says 'those things', Tardust laughs and comments that the zombies are more scared of him, and they have probably all heard what he can do to them. Lizzy asks what happened and Tardust tells a story about them and the boss man (Durai) out side of the Tower. When a zombie comes up he claims that Bricks rips its arms off. Bricks says that is not how it went, instead that he broke its neck, Tardust interrupts and says 'more like ripped its head off'. Bricks then says that it wasn't a big deal cause those ones aren't scary, but the other kinds are. Tardust starts to tell another story when he realises that they are off the course laid out on the map. He calls on the radio to point out that they are off track, and Scratch comes back to say that it is a detour. Tardust wonders how they are going to get through the park with the tankers, and says that a few scouts heads are going to roll for this. The road was supposed to be clear for seven miles. Lizzy jumps in at this asking Tardust if the road was really supposed to be clear. Lizzy asks Tardust to listen to her, but he doesn't want to hear anything from Lizzy, saying he will kick her head in. Bricks says he won't, Tardust says watch me, and Bricks reiterates 'no, you won't'. Lizzy frantically asks again for them to listen to her, and as Tardust tells her to be quite he has to stop again. Rather then checking with Scratch Tardust gets out to check and Scratch comes over the radio telling Tar to get out of his truck. Tardust leaves calling other people to the front.

Bricks asks Scratch what has happened and she says that there is an overturned truck in the way. Lizzy gets really anxious hearing this and tries to get Bricks to leave because it is them. Bricks asks if it is her friends and she says, 'No, them.'. When he won't leave, she says they are going to die. Bricks calls Tardust back to the car. Someone walks past and asks what they said, and he says that he thinks he went up to the front. Bricks tells Lizzy that there is nothing to worry about and she tries to get him to take the handcuffs off, but he won't do that either. She desperately tries again to get him to drive away, and Bricks calls again for Tardust.

We hear a big zombie howl in the distance and Scratch comes on the radio saying they are 'in the trees'. Lizzy tells Bricks to shut the door as we hear gunfire start. There is more gunfire, zombies and radio chatter. Lizzy asks for the cuffs to be removed and Bricks does telling her not to run. Scratch comes back on the radio saying they are on both sides and to get the truck out of the way or they are all going to die. Tardust comes back to the truck, but he can't actually see any zombies yet. Bricks wants him to unhook the trailer. We hear lots more radio chatter and gunfire from other trucks. Tardust tells Bricks to get the truck out of here as he starts to get into the truck.

Lizzy, then describes a figure that drops out of the tree onto the passenger door. It is thrashing about but Lizzy can see that it is smaller then any she had seen before. It got is right hand in the door as Tardust tries to stay out of reach. Bricks tries to shoot it but can't get a clear shot from where he is. We hear Scratch over the radio and Tardust tries to get Bricks to drive, but there is still no room. Lizzy offers to take the gun, but rather then this Bricks reaches over and grabs the handle and gives Tardust the gun. Tardust misses, making it madder, so Bricks leans over and slams the door a few times eventually breaking the arm of the small zombie off. Scratch then comes over the radio saying that the way is clear and to get going. Tardust checks that there was no blood on Bricks and tells them to punch it out of there. They drive around the a rig and Bricks sees that the arm is still inside and Lizzy vomits in the background as Tardust tells him to ignore it and her. They drive over a maller who has turned into a zombie, and as they go past the dump truck the slaves are still out there and call out for them to stop for them. Bricks and Lizzy want to, but Tardust makes them keep on driving. Scratch, over the radio, tells them to get out of the kill zone and push forward to regroup 3 miles down.

Lizzy describes turning around to see the ones left behind. She can see the small one that attacked them bleeding on the ground and thinks it must be the same 'Little one' that Angel had seen. She also clearly sees the man in the pin-stripped suit watching them drive away.

Victor is reluctantly making his first entries in his journal, 'playing nice'. He takes a break as Kalani comes in asking if they are here yet and stops when he sees Victor smoking. Kalani growls at Victor for smoking, who bites back but then says that they have pulled up a few minutes ago. Victor and Kalani fight a bit more about the smoking. Kalani says that everyone has been on alert and Victor tells Kalani that he can take over watching the screens. Michael and Angel come in and ask what is going on. Kalani asks what happened out there as they didn't say over the radio. Angel says that they couldn't tell them because they, are gone. Kalani asks who and Michael says that the Mallers have packed up and gone but they don't know why and so they thought the Mallers might be heading toward the Tower. Victor doesn't know who the Mallers are, but says they are not at the Tower.

Victor noticed that only two trucks came back and asks where the hummer is. Angel says that Saul and Burt are still out looking for Lizzy and Micheal radios out to check in with them, still using his broken wing call sign. Victor questions leaving the old guy and the sick dude out there, and Angel says that they wanted to get back to the Tower ASAP. Burt radios in, they are still looking around the nest but are going to rest soon as Saul is getting tired. Angel tries to convince Michael to call them back in as there are plenty of people who could be out there, but Michael says that there is no way he can get Saul back in now. He is a loose cannon so they might as well direct his fire.

Datu comes in and asks for some extra hands to bring the weapons back up. Angel offers to help. When Kalani does as well Michael asks him to stay so that he can talk to him. Michaels gets Victor to go and tell the others in the Tower to relax. Michael asks Kalani why Victor was in the guard room when he is a good solider. Kalani says that he is new and might set off one of the traps. Michaels tells Kalani that he and Burt would like him to help with something. Kalani hopes it's not another supply run. Michael says that there is no doubt that the Mallers or zombies will come back and they want to leave the Tower and go to Fort Irwin. Kalani guess that they need him to fly them there. He says that it is doable, but you need a big enough plane, fuel, and a decent landing strip. Also, the take-off is long and loud and might attract zombies which can cause all sorts of problems. Does Michael want to bet everyones life on that? Michael says that they really wanted to fly as it was faster and easier and takes them out of reach of the zombies. Kalani brings up another option, helicopters. He reminds Michael that he flew sight-seeing, and with two big enough helicopers they can get all the people and supplies to the fort.

Michael mentions that this means they still need another pilot. Kalani says that he has enough experince to teach. They discuss the option of one helicopter being able to go to the Fort and back on one tank of gas. Michael likes this idea as it would mean they could send a scouting party, but Kalani reminds him that fuel isn't limitless. Michael isn't sure that he could trust another person at the controls and the other residents might not either. Michael show Kalani where on a map Fort Irwin is. Kalani wants to know what is so great about it. Michaels tells him it has water, supplies, food, a hospital, it may have its own power and is working on some sort of solar energy objective. Also, as it is a military base there will be ammo and other equipment and maybe even survivors due to it remote location. Kalani thinks this is great and says that he will find a pilot if Michael can find the choppers. Michaels tells Kalani that he will get Burt and Saul onto it if he sends them a message with all the information that they will need. Kalani questions Saul's suiitbility to be out of the Tower and Michael tells him that there is no way they can get Saul back so they need to give him something to do but they can send out another crew.

Kalani interrupts Michael as he has seen someone on the cameras. They move the cameras but he doesn't look familar. He is heading towards the Tower, goes down on his knees and someone calls out to him. Victor comes in asking if they have seen and tells Michael that he has told everyone to go back to their posts. He couldn't see anyone else but wonders if it is the Mallers. Kalani says that the area looks clear, and Victor comments that the man looks messed up and might need Tanya. Kalani sees that he has a gun, and Michael says that it would be suspicious if he didn't. Kalani tells them to be careful.

From the garage Angel yells out to the man to put his gun down and kick it over. He answers when he has in an English accent. Michael gets Datu to open the gate and once Angel has picked up the gun, the man slowley enters. The man tells them that his gun is empty. Michael describes the man as having short straight brown hair and a crooked smile, but that he can't make out much else as his face is so badly swollen. Michaels asks if he has any other weapons and what his name is. The man answers 'Pippin'.

Part 2

Pippin says that he hasnít got any other weapons. Michael tells him he can relax and put his arms down. Tanya comes and asks if Michael wants him cleaned up, to which Michael replies ďpleaseĒ. Michael asks Pippin how he knew about the tower. Pippin replies that the convicts mentioned it, but it took him a bit of time to find it. Pippin tells Michael that the convicts were the ones who bruised his face, but that he wasnít from Eastern Bay. He says they found him and took him, and they are keeping anyone they find. Michael asks why Pippin came to the tower. Pippin replies that he didnít know where else to go. Tanya says that his wounds are fresh. Pippin says he came all the way from the Strip Mall, but they arenít there anymore. He says that he got away when they were moving, but he didnít hear anything about where they were going. Tanya says that Pippin is going to need stitches and that they will need to move him upstairs for better light and tools. Michael asks Angel what he thinks about letting him stay. Angel says that it is Michaelís call. Pippin pleads to Michael and Angel to let him stay, saying that they wind find him and that he is out of rounds. Datu says that he wonít last long out there. Angel suggests that he might have information. Michael asks Angel to shadow Pippin while Tanya takes him upstairs. Pippin thanks Michael, but Michael says he hasnít made his mind up about Pippin yet. A loud explosion is then heard. Everyone gets on the floor, with Pippin screaming that they are coming for him. Pippin, Datu and Angel run out to see what is happening. They find no-one outside, but smoke rising from the North. Angel says that he can only think of one thing in that direction, the Arena.

The scene shifts to Tardust and Bricks driving Lizzy. Tardust says that everyone is stopping. The car comes to a halt, and Tardust gets out. He then asks Bricks why he isnít getting out. Bricks replies that the arm is in the way. Tardust tells Bricks to go over it and Lizzy to get out too, so Scratch can see that they didnít kill her. Tardust tells Bricks to take the hand out of the car and that there is a glove in the glove box. The Mallers are complaining about how badly they were hit by the ambush. Tardust says they lost 4 tankers in the ambush, and now they donít have enough. He then suggests that they turn around and head south to Durai. Scratch says they arenít going back there until this is done and that she wonít tell Durai that they failed after all the preparation that went into this. Everyone looks at Bricks because he is still holding the hand. Tardust asks why he is still holding it, to which Bricks replies that Tardust didnít tell him where to put it. Tardust tells Bricks to drop it. Bricks says, ďItís just one of them, right?Ē to which Scratch replies, ďNot like any Iíve seen before.Ē Everyone gathered around the hand. Lizzy describes it as being torn off at the elbow, with thick dark red blood still oozing out of it. The number 5 was tattooed on its forearm with fresh black ink. It had seemingly endless fingers, with broad grey fingernails which were filed down to a razor sharp point. Tardust says it doesnít look like it was ever human. Scratch says that this is the reason why they are doing this mission, that they will follow them wherever they go, and that the thing on the ground is just the beginning. Scratch says that they will continue on with the plan. Tardust says that Lizzy will make it difficult, but Scratch says she needs her. Another Maller asks if he should hang on to Ďthe weapon that Latch took out of the safeí, and Scratch says it would be better if she took it. They go back to their vehicles. Tardust is panicked because they havenít got enough tankers to do the job properly, and says that they wonít be making it back.

Angel is on the roof of the tower, looking out to see where the smoke was coming from. He had a feeling that it was from the arena. Burt radios in and says that he canít tell where the smoke is coming from and that he is going in to where ĎAlbatrossí suggested. Angel hears a smashing noise, and draws his gun, asking ďwhoís up here?Ē Riley tells him to relax, and Angel says that she scared him. Riley asks where Burt is going to, and Angel tells her that he is going to LAX. Angel asks why she is on the roof, and she replies that she didnít need to be down there. Angel realises that she has been drinking. He says he knows it has been hard on her after Lizzy, but drinking is against the rules. Riley says ďFuck the rules. Sheíd still be here if it wasnít for your god damn rules.Ē Riley is upset that no-one is out looking for Lizzy. Angel offers to get her some smokes, but she says she has quit. She says that if she hadnít been smoking when Lizzy left she could have stopped her. Angel tells her that she canít think about it like that, and that they need her right now. Riley says that she doesnít need Angel. Kalani and Datu come up to the roof. Kalani tells Datu that he will have to clear everything off the roof. Datu says that he will get on it after he has finished upgrading the security cameras. Kalani then realises that the roof wonít be big enough for two helicopters and that they will have to put one on another roof. Datu asks if Riley could help him, but she says she has other things to do. Angel, Kalani and Datu discuss the search for Lizzy, losing someone close to them, and Kalani being a badass. Datu goes downstairs because he has bummed himself out. Angel and Kalani admire the view of the smoke rising from what they think is the Arena.

Back with Lizzy, Bricks and Tardust, the Mallers attack is on the way. Tardust has the trigger. A decoy is sent out to clear a path for the tankers. Bricks tells Tardust that they donít know how the tower called the zombies to attack the Mallers. Several Mallers radio in to say that they are in position. A zombie attacks that car that Lizzy is in. Tardust shoots it, and when it is still moving Bricks gets out and stomps on it to save a bullet. A loud distress howl is heard, and Tardust says that they need to get out of there now. Scratch tells everyone to carry on as planned. Bricks shoots another zombie. They get in and drive off, but their path is being cut off by zombies. Tardust drives into a curb, and the axel of the car breaks, and they come to a stop. The car is still within range of the explosives but the zombies are closing in on them. In desperation, Tardust uses the detonator.

Part 3

Michael and Victor are interrogating Pippin about where he came from, with Kelly watching silently. Michael asks how Pippin managed to find the tower, because he isnít from LA. Pippin replies that the others being held told him where to go. Michael suspects that he might have known where it was because he had been there before. Pippin says that he was on holiday camping when everything started. Pippin sounds desperate for them to believe him, and then asking why Kelly isnít saying anything. Victor tells him that she is their expert and not to worry about her. Victor asks Pippin if he is nervous. Pippin says that he went through a lot to get to the tower and didnít expect them to be hostile to him too. Michael and Victor tell him to relax and that they just want to ask him a few questions. Michael questions him asks him to confirm if he got taken hostage at the market, to which Pippin replies that it happened after they had driven out of the canyons. He says that they took his friends too and made them do awful things. He then asks why they keep asking him these questions and how he can make them believe him. Kelly same asks the question back to him. Pippin says that he has a passport, and asks why else he would have that. Victor says it could be a fake, to which Pippin asks how could he make a passport after all this. Pippin says that he has told them all the trails he took when camping, his friendís names and everything about their mall. Victor says that hasnít told them where they went. Pippin says that they never told him about their plans, and all he knows is that they split into two groups. Michael asks if they found a tall blonde new girl recently, and Pippin says there was no-one new and he was good with faces. Victor says he is hung up on the fact that Pippin ďjust walked awayĒ. Pippin tells him angrily that they beat him until they thought he was unconscious and that he ran when their backs were turned. He says that no-one else got away and that he thinks they shot everyone else. He says that they didnít manage to control them very well because there were more people held against their will than convicts. Michael says he doesnít know, and asks Kelly what she thinks. She says that she never had to read a face as swollen as his before. Pippin tells them that they donít have to believe him as he doesnít care as long as he doesnít have to go back outside, and volunteers to be locked up. Michael tells him that Angels made a room for him near the guard room for him to be locked up in. Pippin thanks Michael, and Michael tells Victor to take Pippin to his room. Michael threatens him, telling him not to do anything suspicious and Pippin reassures him that he wonít.

Kelly asks Michaels if he feels safe doing this. Michael tells her there is a fine line between keeping them safe and being completely inhumane. Kelly says he doesnít seem like the type of person to be spending time in a maximum security prison, as he has no tattoos and is on the gangly side. They look at his passport. It says he is from England and is called Pippin Elder. Kelly asks Michael if he still carries around ID. He replies that he doesnít, not even his dog tags. Kelly says she doesnít either. Michael suggests that if the outbreak hasnít happened overseas then having a passport wouldnít just make you another refugee. He then says he would bet if anyone could make a passport, someone from Eastern Bay could. Kelly says that it would be complicated to make a good looking passport after all this happened, and asks why they would do that. Michael says if they were motivated enough and wanted the towers trust. Michael says he doesnít want to underestimate anyone, and reminded Kelly of Bill. He says he canít let that happen again, but canít turn him away, and so is going to have to keep an eye on him. Kelly says that it is another thing that they have to worry about. She also asks what evidence there is that he isnít telling the truth. She says that she couldnít think of anyone that they could fully trust for one reason or another. Michael says that they are going to have to go out on a limb and see what happens.

The scene changes to Burt and Saul at LAX. The trail for Lizzy had gone cold. Burt and Saul had searched through the mall but hadnít found any clues as to where they had gone. They were at the airport in search of a helicopter. There were lots of planes, some were crashed, and some were pristine. Burt notes a crashed Hawaiian airlines plane. Burt says that Saul is pretty tired from all the searching theyíve done, but is carrying on despite his injury. Burt says that helicopters would be more likely to fly out of Van Nuys than from LAX. Saul asks why they came to LAX. Burt says because it is closer and because there was a coastguard station, but they might have to go there if they canít find anything closer. Saul starts to get annoyed and upset. Burt tries to show that the trip was worth it because they found ammo at the coastguard station, but Saul isnít convinced. Burt asks if Saul is feeling okay, and Saul replies ďfor the hundredth time, yesĒ. Burt tries to cheer Saul up by quoting Airplane! over the Walkie Talkie. Saul asks if watching movies is all Burt ever does. Burt replies for a while it was, because he had a rough time after Shirley died. Saul says that he canít get the thoughts of what could have happened to her out of his head. Burt says that thinking about finding a chopper will help take his mind off her, but Saul says it doesnít work for him. Saul then reveals that he doesnít plan to leave LA without Lizzy, and that he is searching for the chopper so that he can try searching for her by air. Burt says that they are going to need a large helicopter to fit everyone in and news helicopters wonít be big enough. Saul doesnít care about that though. Burt volunteers to stay behind too if they donít find Lizzy, saying itís not a hard decision to make, given what happened. Burt apologises for messing up. Saul says he expected it because Burtís a marine.

At that moment Burt spots a helicopter, a big freaking chopper from the coastguard. They move quickly towards it. When they get closer they realise that the tarmac surrounding it is covered in dried blood, but with no bodies. There are shells everywhere and an MP5 covered in blood. Saul finds the pilots helmet and says a little bit of him is still in it. Burt suspects it might be a trap but they continue to check out the bird. Saul says that the inside will need to be cleaned. As Burt wonders whether it will still fly, he finds several bullet holes in the outside, and a red liquid dropping out of it. Burt comments, ďI think this birdís got its wings clippedĒ


The original "air dates" of Chapter 21 were:
  • Part 1: April 25, 2011
  • Part 2: May 2, 2011
  • Part 3: May 9, 2011

Production of Chapter 21 was pushed back one week from the original release date by the We're Alive: In The Flesh event held on April 16, 2011.






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