I was just watching a video of someone discussing Elena and Nathan Drake's relationship arc in the Uncharted series, and it finally dawned on me who Lizzy reminds me of! Not only are their personalities similar (tough but still a softy), but Elena basically looks how I would picture Lizzy. Also the dynamic between the Nathan and her is kinda similar to that of Saul and Lizzy. Saul is a bit of a tough goofball yet has a heart of gold, and Lizzy is the one who who at first pretends to dislike him immensely and claims to hate his banter, but warms to him later. She also appeals to his sense of responsibility, and the need for openness and honesty, just like Elena does with Nathan in Uncharted 4. I played Uncharted 4 2 years ago, and listened to We're Alive way more recently, but I literally just made this connection today. Anyone else feel this way?