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    How to avoid panic attacks?

    Need an advice of someone who knows what does panic attack mean.

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    I've had plenty

    Just a few helpers

    1) control your breathing

    2) try to stay calm

    3) don't think negatively, think with a realistic but very optimistic view, how you think will determine how you feel, what you feel you tend to do

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    Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder that causes an individual to feel extreme fear and terror. They can happen for no reason at all, or as a result of something in the environment.

    There are many ways to avoid panic attacks and manage them when they do happen. Some people find it helpful to talk about their fears with others, while others prefer to keep their fears private.

    Exercising regularly can help those who experience panic attacks manage them better by releasing endorphins that make a person feel calmer and more relaxed.

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    Hi! i used to have frequent panic attacks, and i will tell you this - if you have had even one panic attack, it will happen again one day. it's the thing that will follow us all our lives. all we can do is fix the number of times it happens. my psychologist gave me some very sound advice. I quote "rest more often and have more positive emotions than negative ones". after that I started to travel the world. recently I visited St. Croix. read about that place: I can tell you that it is perfect. you can visit any other place your soul desires. but i can only say one thing for sure - it changed my life. i started to get more into travel, countries, different cultures and traditions of different nationalities and peoples. so now i finally forgot about panic attacks. the last one was exactly two years ago, after which i started seeking help. i was saved by traveling around the world, so, that is what i will advise you. good luck, brother!



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