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    Referencing episode/chapter pages in the forum or wiki

    I've been working on a way to streamline referencing episodes and chapters in the forums and the Wiki. If you currently go to the Wiki, the chapter pages will be labeled "1 - It Begins" or something similar as an example. I will be adding redirects to each of these so that all you have to say is "Chapter 1" or similar and people can click on that text to be redirected to the chapter page. Currently a few pages already have this in place, but I will be doing this for all of them.

    If you want to reference Lockdown, Goldrush, or any future projects, you can say "Lockdown 1" or "Goldrush 1" or whatever episode number and mini-series title you are referencing. You can find out exactly what to write to create this link by going to the correct episode/chapter page and looking for the information under "Chapter Number" in the sidebar. Keep in mind this may take some time to put in place because there are lots of episode pages. Enjoy!

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