The God of War Ragnarok news cycle has slowed down a bit since the reveal trailer in September. Devoted fans are still perusing that God of War Ragnarok trailer nonetheless, and one fan finds an incredible detail to do with Atreus's quiver.

One of the highlights of God of War 2018 was the astonishing level of detail throughout the game, with every character, ambient detail, piece of dialogue, all feeling very precise and calculated. Naturally, the same level of quality was expected from its sequel in God of War Ragnarok, and the PlayStation Showcase 2021 trailer gave fans a taste. Kratos and Atreus, especially, have changed since the first game, sporting new character designs and features that have happened between games. Atreus's comparison between God of War and Ragnarok reveals how much the boy has aged, looking older, stronger, and much more confident. Eagle-eyed fan BT_BlackThunder saw an interesting detail about Atreus's quiver in the recent God of War Ragnarok trailer. Carved into the leather arrow case is what appears to be, as BT_BlackThunder puts it, "a doodle of Atreus and Kratos' journey to the top of the mountain", from the previous game.

The very simple illustration of what can be seen as it is partially obstructed by other materials, is a large stick figure and a smaller one carrying a bow, being Kratos and Atreus. This meaning of the squiggles is a bit difficult to discern without looking back at the Atreus quiver from the original God of War. In response to another user, BT_BlackThunder posted an image of Atreus' original quiver and indeed the Ragnaroks design is different. The most distinguishable thing about the 2018 design is that while the stick figures representing Kratos and Atreus are still present, they are on opposite sides of a vertical line, rather than standing on the same side as in Ragnaroks quiver. . While the Ragnaroks trailer suggests that Atreus still doesn't understand Kratos, the journey of the first game certainly brought them closer than they were before. Symbolically, they were separated as indicated by the quiver of the 2018s, while by Ragnarok, they have become more united.

Of course, this may be overthinking the pictures, but nonetheless, they are another interesting detail in a game that is sure to be full of them. Between realizing that Kratos is still mourning Faye in Ragnarok, or hypothesizing about Tyrs' role in the game's story, a lot of speculation comes from just this trailer. Fortunately, the game is not too far away, so many of these questions will be answered very soon.