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    Wasn't there an episode that ended with a tease of a future story?

    I'm doing a re-listen. I just finished up Lockdown and am about to go on to Gold Rush. I could've sworn that either Lockdown or the original series ends with the announcer saying Scratch would return in some spinoff that hasn't materialized yet? Maybe I've been hallucinating this entire time lol.

    Also, the last few seconds of Lockdown take place after the final mission but before the time jump, right? Burt mentions that after the mission, people started popping out babies, so I assume one of those people is CJ which is why she's pregnant here. If all that's true, who's experimenting on Fredo??
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    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I guess I pictured the layout of T-Block differently in my head for that to be plausible.
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