I loved the sheer brilliance in the writing of WA, but especially in the closing stages of Season 2 and pretty much all of Season 3. 3 also gives off a vibe that's different from the others. In Season 1, zombies were the main issue. In Season 2, Mallers were the main issue. But in Season 3, it's other people that you have to worry about. For example, Saul and Victor have to deal with CJ and the people in the Colony while Michael has to separate from his friends and deal with Colonel Kimmet and the entire military force.

As well as that, it also has a more "epic" feel to it. Helicopters, raids on colonies, military bases, settlements, sword fights, and even 2 nuclear bombs!! And it's not a season that overdelivers everything and makes it seem like a lot of action jam packed into one jumbled thing. It's so well written that I can have all of that and also enjoy the season and it's episodes.

Another awesome thing is the introduction of different perspectives and splitting up. It makes the story seem more lively than just focusing on one character, so that's why Season 3 is the best season IMO. Tell me what you think about S3!