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    And you need to kill the flag holder for that

    And you need to kill the flag holder for that place to be contested again. IF your flag holder does die then you must wait 2 minutes for both sides to capture it. In that time they'll be mainly killing each other. And they will also have bandages to cure and again no head bits or cloaks/capes to be worn out. You battle for tokens that are traded for RS gold xp or even armour/weapons.

    Weapon Effects: Insert weapon effects to some weapons like a god sword with lightning flashing about it, or weapons that glow different colours. Must have completed a quest and levels to have them though. So yeah thats them, let me know if you have difficulty understanding or have questions about them. Thanks.I am not extremely happy with the cheap RuneScape gold way this came out, and I'm also well aware the the name for the armor is dumb. I'm still trying to come up with a better name for this. Allow me to know if you have any suggestions to improve the pursuit.

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    The flag bearer is the person who is supposed to be in charge of the game, but often ends up in the middle of the action. You need to visit this professional bio writing services for most information about the study. It's perfectly acceptable for flag holders to change in mid-game, but in some cases it is also in the game's best interest to call the flag bearer out. Here are some tips on calling out flag bearer.



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