BlueStacks is available for free from major online app stores. This emulator is designed to run all kinds of applications on your computer, especially Android games. The user interface is very interactive and pleasing to the eye. The latest versions and updates of BlueStacks have added features that make the app even more interesting. You can access your Google Play Store account by signing in with your Google Account on BlueStacks and have all your favourite Android apps running on your PC. You can download the app by clicking on the download button below.Telecharger Windows There are several ways you can use this Android emulator. The latest version of this app has a feature that allows you to share apps on your phone through the cloud. You can even load apps from the side and test them on your PC. Many beta apps are unstable and can damage your phone, so it's best to test these apps on your PC, which is better equipped to resist potential threats. The app supports keyboard, mouse and touch input, so it will be easier for you to play games like PUBG with better precision.