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    A Question for Kc: What comes next?

    I've been in love with the show since the 1st episode. I've lost count of how many times I've listened to it amd I can remember small details from memory cause I've heard it so much. I got my friends into it and we discuss every so often and then I listen to it all over again. I know we have 2 more series coming WA Scouts Honor and WAD. I'm very sad to know the series is coming to an end and I wish we could know more about the WA world and lore, I wish I could know everything but that would be boring and leave no imagination. SO my question is, What comes next? Are there any plans for new Audio Theater for the mind type podcasts/ new projects? Or you looking to move on from it? Or is it kind of up in the air at the moment?

    I want to say a thank you to you and the team for an amazing story(ies) for the past few years they have been phenomenal and I've never been addicted to anything quite like your story not even other TV/movies/podcasts. Your story telling is beyond wild and with No lack of talent or hard work from the VA's they have been superb! I would like to be able to know if we should keep an eye out for a new show from you once WA is officially over? I'm not asking for details or name or anything. Just will there be a next series? Thanks again for the amazing story over the years!

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    I wonder if there will be a next series?

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    I am also interested in this.



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