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    Covid led me to We’re Alive

    Hi everyone! Stumbled across we’re alive in YouTube during quarantine. Must have popped up because I’ve been playing Last Of Us II on my PS4 maybe? Just finish season 1 and can’t wait to catch up. Absolutely love it! Am not an audio guy, always learnt better visually but I found myself getting really immersed into the action. Guess there’s a lot of space for imagination in the theatre of my mind? Anyways, super glad to have found friendly survivors!

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    You can try again!
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    Oh that basically how I found we`re alive too, thanks to youtube!
    happy to meet you and everybody
    Life is a moment between the past and the future
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    Wow... I did not know about it...

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    You will find everything you need, follow the link to this website,



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