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    Were alive exposure

    Wonder when we're alive will become a mainstream topic you can talk about without having to explain what it is.
    I ask people i know if they have heard of were alive and they always have said no so far.
    How would you advertise an audio drama so more can become enlightened.
    Would it just have to be ads on websites? Could do an ARG. Those rack up exposure usually pretty greatly. The arg could be about solving inks murder case and gathering the evidence that was in the court house.
    Just some small ideas to get the were alive name more out there.

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    Ya know, I passed the word on to my sister about it, and she read the description - thought it would be scary. So, I doubt she'd get into it. So disappointed. I mean, who wouldn't want to be scared? It is so hard to find content that I actually don't mind listening to and gets me worried or puts me in suspense. I don't get it.



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