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Thread: Behind the mic

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    Behind the mic

    Wow. Vhs film was used for walking sounds. How do you even figure that out.
    The chemistry between the actors is so good. With other podcasts, conversations feel awkward because they're just saying their lines to No one and there's no room for improvising because the isn't another actor to banter with for jokes.
    Overall, amazing way of directing.
    Good thing the partnership is working out.
    Thanks for going out of your way to be an even better content creator.

    In the story, further in the future. Will it become diplomatic? Because the infected are clearly evolving with each new fresh baked batch.
    Will the infected reach a level of intelligence to the point that they can negotiate? Can they even get by without human flesh? I forgot what ink was feeding them. Wasn't it like fungus growing in the tunnels?

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    looking worried about them. lols. stay blessed



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