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    Goldrush Episode 9 - Air Date 29 october 2019 - *Spoilers Allowed*

    Only 1 episode left. Imagine Gloria holds her shit together long enough to be able to chase them. Lol was listening to the preview as I was writing that. Gloria sounds pissed. Hope she don't die, I think she just wants to not be alone.
    If she does die though. Puck could use anitas access codes.
    Wonder where Anita is. She's not there when pucks injured at the tower when scratch showed up.

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    Yeah, Anita's whereabouts has me wondering too. I wonder if she ends up staying with Gloria. I doubt it, but she does sound sorry about leaving Gloria alone. Alex seemed surprised that he had an aunt so I don't think she was with Rhonda and him at Lake Matthews.
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