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    Goldrush Episode 8 - Air Date 22 october 2019 - *Spoilers Allowed*

    Ok how about you take the hit and blow it into my mouth.
    Wonder if Gloria is the one who funded the expedition of knox.
    What if she has a hidden missile and threatens to use it on the colony. That'd be crazy.
    I think puck and alex are heading to the the excavation site of the gold cause it's under all the sand. I doubt the sand got that high though.
    Another option could be that they somehow got access to the atlas again. Like maybe Gloria made an exception for Rhondas son to see his aunt.

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    Wow, Gloria turned on them faster than someone bitten.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, straight from Mysterical Island, it's the Shaman of Schiznick, the Mofo with the Mojo, the Mad Scientist of the Jungle, the Doctor is in!
    Doctor? Doctor who?
    NO! Witch Doctor, fool!

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