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    Riley Can you name the music from this episode?


    I've been trying to figure out the name of music from a particular episode since 2008, so I'd appreciate if you could help me crack this mystery! It was used in a game I used to play and I was surprised to hear it utilized multiple times throughout We're Alive, many years after I had first given up searching. Can somebody help me get its name? You can hear it begin in "Chapter 43 - The Darkness Ahead - Part 2 of 3" at the 16minute 06second mark. It was also used in an episode from a previous season but this is the clearest version.

    The game I first heard it from is called Dead Frontier, which is (shock horror) a zombie game. It had obviously purchased the right to use this music seeing as any search I've made leads to a particular website that sells very similar music (possibly from the same composer), but while I did find the name of some tracks used by that game, I could never find the specific track I mentioned above.

    This is something I need to solve for sanity sake, so any help would be much appreciated.

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    If there was no credits in that game then it might be just a copyright free soundclip.

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    I'm convinced the tracks were bought from AudioSparx.

    'We're Alive' utilizes both a full version and a 30s stinger version. The site allows purchase of single themes but all broken up into remixes or different lengths. A video showing gameplay from the game I mentioned was also marked non-monitizable due to copyrighted music from AudioSparkx. This copyright was for music also in that same soundtrack and also sounds very similar to the one I'm looking for. I used that to search the artist name on the site, and yes, some of the soundtrack from the game can be found there, but not that ONE track I'm looking for.

    I've tried getting in touch with KCW as well as the developer of Dead Frontier to see if either could tell me the name - if it was purchased from a site like that, they'd have a digital receipt (or could just look up the history) assuming it was a liscenced purchase.

    Neither the game-site nor the We're Alive sites have any credits related to the music used.

    Here's the full track. Unfortunately, the quality was drastically reduced and used via in-game music player with no credits. It says an artist name but that is for the latest composer of the newest soundtracks.



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