A Bangkok woman named Achara Chairak claimed to buy bleach cream online. Claimed face whitening cream is made from herbal ingredients that can quickly change skin color. With convincing before-after advertising, Achara was interested in trying it. "At first my skin looks white and bright. I am very satisfied with the results," Achara was quoted as saying by the South China Morning Post.

He then returned to buy the same whitening cream after several times using it. Then the problem comes. Achara began to feel irritated, itchy and sensitive to sunlight.

Shortly afterwards, Achara's face appeared with many pimples. Spidery veins or broken capillaries are increasingly visible on the cheeks. The color of Achara's face becomes uneven or what is known as the condition of melasma.

This is because of an allergic reaction. The whitening cream is clearly not from herbal ingredients. Facial conditions such as Achara are usually due to the influence of mercury and high chemical poisons.