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    In Memory of Nikvoodoo

    I'm deeply saddened to inform the We're Alive community of the passing of a legend, our own Nikvoodoo. Nick passed away yesterday due to cancer, and leaves behind a loving family and legions of friends both here in this community and beyond.

    We are already planning ways in which we can memorialize Nick, but for now we're sharing the first excerpt from Tanya's journal in his honor, with a foreword from Kc in dedication, which you can read on our blog. Nick was a master at coming up with theories and diving deep into the details of each episode, and I just know he'd be so excited to read through some of this new information. All of us here at We're Alive are devastated in knowing that we'll never get to enjoy his thoughtful discussion and careful theorizing for our upcoming projects. He will be sorely missed as a cornerstone of our community.

    EDIT: As Kc linked below, a fundraiser has been set up on behalf of Nick's family if anyone would like to contribute:

    With that said, I thought it would be nice to share our memories and stories of him, be it from We're Not Dead, The Voodoo Lounge, or just through other forum interactions. Here's my little contribution:

    You all may not remember me, but I have lurked here for years. I've had the pleasure of being a guest on We're Not Dead way back in the day, and also the honor of helping out with two of the season finale events, including the series finale live event in 2014. I'm also married to StepLaugh, another forum dinosaur who you may remember as one of the original admins. Nowadays, I'm still lurkin', but also helping Kc out with social media behind-the-scenes. What I will remember most about Nick is just how passionate and active he was within this community and as a fan. I remember back during the "who's the traitor?!" era, there wasn't a thread on here that didn't have the mark of his involvement. He cared so much about the story and world of We're Alive, but he also deeply cared about this place. I was always impressed at his dedication to making this forum the best it could be, and admired how stalwart he was in his opinions. Nick had a keen "ear" for detail within the story, and we have him to thank for many of the ongoing theories throughout the series' run. As a "theory-lover" and lurker, having Nick and The Voodoo Lounge around to discuss theories was much appreciated and definitely improved my experience here. It will be difficult to dive into future We're Alive stories without him. But, with him as inspiration, I hope that I can definitively shed my lurker-shell and engage as a more active community manager with the advent of future We're Alive stories. I do love a good theory, and hope I can make him proud.

    So, finally, thank you Nikvoodoo. Thank you for making the We're Alive community what it is today. We couldn't have done it without you, and will never forget you. Rest easy, friend.

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