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    Mr. Whiskers Goldrush FAQ Megathread

    Hey Tower Crew!

    KC is back at it again getting ready with the next installment of the We're Alive Universe. I am compiling this FAQ megathread which I will maintain and update both here on the forums and on (Reddit)

    Ask your Goldrush questions in this thread or at the Reddit thread. If you get a response from KC and I don't notice it, PM and I will update the main post.

    Here is what we know so far. (Updated Jan 14 - 2018)

    • Goldrush is a mini-series like Lockdown
    • 10 episodes (episode length will vary from 35m - 55m)
    • Weekly release schedule
    • Timeline, mostly post We're Alive, but will reference the SOS period of We're Alive (e38-39)
    • Will feature previous cast members as well as new ones (still undetermined at this point)
    • source for the above: here
    • ETA: Still unknown (outline is 5/6 completed, target launch date is Fall/Winter 2017 source: here & here)
    • Goldrush will not be crowdfunded. source: here
    • Goldrush is now in production! source: here

    This is one of my favorite stories I've ever written and I'm eager for everyone to listen. - Kc
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