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    Thanks for the Podcast

    I've been binge listening to the podcast. I'm on Season 4 now. First, I can't believe the amount of work that has obviously gone into this project. I'm sure it was a labor of love. Some of the voice actors are excellent, and I have several favorite characters (Saul and Bert mostly). The sound effects and detail to creating the soundscape is impressive (and I get chills anytime someone fires a minigun). My only complain is that if I had the time, I'd put together a collage of all the times a character says "Yeah, I know" and "Yeah, I get it" or some variation thereof. It would go on for an hour.

    Good job guys. You should be proud of what you have accomplished.
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    I need to count the amount of times they all say "Done" (as in dying/dead). it must be at least 100 times......



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