in memory of Ron Glass, I watched the movie Serenity based on the Firefly tv series. In the movie, his character's died. just in case you never seen the movie. It made me sad for a moment knowing that in, fact. He did pass away just a day ago. Then I started to think about Firefly the series. It's one of the few short-lived series that remains Iconic, to this day. The list of short run tv series is long. Many never really see the light of day after they ended. Yet, Firefly and Serenity are still talked about, long after. The unconfirmed rumors of another movie never panned out. Despite, the jerk who decided to mess up the FireFly tv scheduling cause he got butt hurt about something, that Joss Whedon may or may not have done or said. It makes me wonder if he hadn't messed up the scheduling as bad as he did. would the fan base be as big as it is? Would it just be on that for mention list of forgotten series? Or would ran longer and people wouldn't care for it. To this, I don't care what the answer might be to these question. I have DVDs and I can watch them in order anytime I like and miss the crew of the Firefly. One more than other that are still here. RIP Ron.