I just want to post a big thank you to the show creators, producers, actors, and everyone involved for creating the single best piece of media I've had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. So anyway on with what the thread title is about.

When Burt was introduced I was instantly drawn to him because he reminded me of my father. Gruff ex service man that even at 72 years old you couldn't keep down, so you could say I latched on to him pretty quickly. Unlike Burt my real father passed away recently which is another reason why I took to the character so quickly. Before passing my father was aware of a small problem that I had but he told me that he always had faith in me to do the right thing and know when to get out. However after his passing my little problem became a BIG problem as it was my coping mechanism for burying the pain that I was in at the time. It's a weird feeling to be surrounded by people who you know love you and will do whatever for you and still feel alone and that's exactly how I felt. Then on a Monday afternoon I listened to this episode at exactly 5:24PM and what Burt said to Lizzie about feeling helpless and alone resonated with me and it was as if it was my own father speaking the worlds. I listened to that part over and over and over and over and over and every time it brought me to tears. After that I resolved myself I told my friends and family about my problem and as expected they are 100% with me in helping with it and as of today the worst is over. I owe it to We're Alive for giving me the message I needed, when I needed it.

Anyway I know this is really personal but I feel I would be doing the show creators and everyone else a huge disservice not giving thanks so again thank you so much or everything.