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    I needed to listen to something in the airport

    I started listening in Dec during a layover. Finished the whole thing this morning in the woodshop. To be honest, Im not a zombie fan and not too into radio dramas. Nightvale kept my interest for a while but thats it.

    So, why am I on a zombie podcast forum? Because its a damn fine story with great characters. Truly excellent writing and production.

    I really appreciate being introduced to a new platform for fiction by such a well made production.

    Im also pleased that I got in the tower so late, now the wait for lockdown wont be as long as some of the OG colony guardians.
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    Hi, I spend my time with my books and movies in lockdown period. Everyday i feel like a complete man while reading books. This help me to write good script in both linear and non-linear.



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