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    I needed to listen to something in the airport

    I started listening in Dec during a layover. Finished the whole thing this morning in the woodshop. To be honest, Im not a zombie fan and not too into radio dramas. Nightvale kept my interest for a while but thats it.

    So, why am I on a zombie podcast forum? Because its a damn fine story with great characters. Truly excellent writing and production.

    I really appreciate being introduced to a new platform for fiction by such a well made production.

    Im also pleased that I got in the tower so late, now the wait for lockdown wont be as long as some of the OG colony guardians.
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    My brother told me about We're Alive, I've spent several nights listening to all the chapters. Now we're playing on wizard of oz together while waiting for lockdown. It is not so hard to get some profit during chatting about our expectations. How do you spend your waiting time?
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