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However, the quiet came sooner than I expected. I thought we'd have a little more action around here, but then again there's not much to theorize left. In a way, I'm happy about that.
I guess it was to be expected... part of the forum went to the live finale, others will be downloading today, others will wait for the 29th... I'm sure the live event was great, but in a way it diluted a bit the "forum experience" as we knew it so far by spreading the fans listening over time: I mean, I will download the 5$ episode when it comes out tonight, then listen to it on my commute tomorrow, then join the discussion, and I will be a few days late and we all know how difficult it is to join the discussion after a few days, with 20 pages or more to go through. Then the ones listening on the 29th will join in, so I guess by that time you should have the usual amount of action back.
Fret not... I have more stories to tell.

We're all counting on it! Thanks for this amazing series!