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    I didn't even know about this podcast until after most of Lockdown had been released. But I am listening now. It's kind of interesting to hear your theories and thoughts as the series was developing. I agree that you guys did an amazing job. I would like to ask if you, NikVooDoo, do any other podcasting?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Litmaster View Post
    No need for a period of mourning, cuz!

    You're NOT DEAD after all, right?

    Besides, you'll be broadcasting together with us LIVE FROM THE ROAD ON THE WE'RE ALIVE CONVOY!!!!

    I think that's the thing most people who just go to work,or school,filezilla uc browser rufus or whatever lose sight of. at this point for both of you I believe wnd is a side project on top of a side project on top of building a name for yourself-(or in niks case raising a child), on top of working a day job in order to support those side projects that someday may actually become the day-job. most don't really realize just how much the time devoted to something like this adds up. as brit put it, the average wnd episode takes four hours. how much of those four hours are done consecutively? im willing to bet its rare for all of that to get handled in one sitting, let alone one day.
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