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    Convoy Timeline

    So I've gone through another revision of the itinerary, this time carefully mapping out the times involved, and it's looking like this:

    Tues 7/15
    7am: Leave Todd's place, drive 1.5 hours to Merramac Caverns
    9-12pm: Caverns tour, should be back on the road by noon at the latest
    12-7pm: Long, 7 hour drive to campsite
    7pm: Camp at El Reno, OK (just west of OK city)

    Wed 7/16
    7am: Leave campsite, drive 3.5 hours to Amarillo, TX
    10:30-2pm: Visit Cadillac Ranch & lunch @ Big Texan Steak Ranch
    (BTW, I spoke with a lady who works there who told me we don't need reservations.
    Also, they have a special "Steak Cam" that live streams anyone trying the steak challenge on their website!

    I thought that one way to save some money is to take AdrianHD up on his generous offer and crash at his apartment the night of Wed 7/16. EDIT: Adrian got back to me and said it was fine to crash at his place, for free (maybe we can order some of that Breaking Bad pizza for dinner!). Also, he can take us on the BB Tour Thursday morning no problem. then, there's a decision that needs to be made about Roswell:

    Option 1: Roswell Hell Yea
    2pm-5:30: Travel to Roswell
    5:30-7:30: Buy alien shit in Roswell, etc.
    7:30-10:30: Travel to Albuquerque, crash at Adrian's for the night

    (as you can see, this option puts us in ABQ kinda late, or we could...)

    Option 2: Screw Roswell
    2pm-6pm: Travel straight from Amarillo to Albuquerque
    6pm-ish: Arrive at Adrian's much earlier, but miss out on Roswell

    Thur 7/17
    8am: Leave Adrian's for Breaking Bad Tour of Albuquerque
    8am-11am: Breaking Bad Tour, hitting the road by 11am
    11am-5pm: Travel from Albuquerque straight to the Grand Canyon
    5pm-ish: Enjoy Grand Canyon, take pictures, camp in area

    Fri 7/18
    8am: Leave Grand Canyon for California
    8am-2pm: Travel to Ft. Irwin area
    2pm-5pm: Some kind of sight-seeing of Ft. Irwin / Yermo / Barstow (need to leave by 5 in order to make the next stage...)
    5pm-8pm: Travel to hotel in East L.A.
    8pm: Fan Meetup at Bar / Hotel / Wherever in East L.A.

    Sat 7/19
    9am: Leave hotel for local WA Tour of LA
    9am-4pm: Lots of time here for local WA tour of LA, lunch, etc.
    4pm-6pm: Piss around, travel to Live Event site
    6pm-LATE: WA Live Event! and After Party!

    Sun 7/20
    8am: Leave hotel for WA Colony Tour
    8am-12pm: Travel, tour of WA Colony location south of LA
    12pm-2pm: Tour of WA Studio
    2pm: Goodbyes, Group Photos, Hugs, Tears, etc.
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