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    Wasn't there something about the behemoths having tumors. Maybe their dying from them. The one with the arrow in the head probably got the tumor in its head hit so it slowed its growth.

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    Just make it a Ragetail Gnasher the size of a Pangar. Make it have ALL the moves of its gnasher cousins (maybe replace the elemental attacks like the fire gnasher's fireballs or the frost gnasher's snowballs with rocks I guess?) Make every, and I mean EVERY move it makes have shockwaves. EVEN the idle ones. Also make it so that you have to break the pinky of its little front claws for a "common" drop. Since it kinda has spines on its back, make it shoot out like a Quillshot. When it enrages, in addition to hippity hoppity slam boom shocky, make it reign quillshards. No, lets call that gnashards. todaygoldrateinhyderabad

    Legendary ability would be to grow a beaver tail and slapshock the shit outta behemoths.

    Boom, best keystone ever.
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