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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm View Post
    Regarding Leviathan, I think they said on their Twitter back in November, that the next half of the season should be out this month, but so far I haven't found anything. Unfortunately. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
    Hopefully they get them released soon. I've asked on the Leviathan twitter feed for an update.
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    Welcome to Night Vale is just weird. Somebody suggested it somewhere already and I tried it but soon I found myself thinking about something else and not really listening. I am a fan of Lovecraft and all, but I just don't get it.
    I'm with Osiris, however, the problem with We're Alive is that now everything else sucks.
    Leviathan is ok, I guess, although I find it a bit slow with releases so I'm waiting to have a nice backlog to listen to. I also feel the writing baroquely (is that a word?) over-elaborated.
    A very, very good one was Edict Zero, but unfortunately it's been put on indefinite hyatus and, yeah. Not much hope for that one. Still it's the closest thing to WA in terms of production quality I found so far.
    The Mask of Inanna also had very good production and a nice story.

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