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Grayson is ordering new shirts now. We have another design coming as well.
Would any of these shirts have Reef Systems Inc, Locked and Loaded, The Flower Shop, Southwestern Eels hockey, the taco shop that Angel and Kaulani destroy, etc? Foam fingers from the arena would be a cool item too. Datu pinwheels might be fun. Or, like some other genre shows, a cookbook for the zombie apocalypse. Riley should be on the cover. New phone/texting sounds for Lockdown are a must. :P Vacation pamphlets to Catalina Island would be funny. Character shirts would be really cool. That way more of the fans can sport their specific character love. Even if the character is dead. In that token, more zombie shirts would be great. How about a baby onesie with a number printed on the arm? There are a plethora of things that you could trademark. Oh so many many things.