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    I'd be pretty upset if someone took my Podcasts, edited all the naughty words out, then re-posted them without my blessing.
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    I can apprecciate the intent. As a father of a 14 year old who knows more dirty words than I do... I would have no use for this. But I always worried more about my son 'parroting' foul language than exposing him to Michelangelo's David or Venus Rising. If you let your kids play video games online I can gaurantee they are hearing worse there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duffusmonkey View Post
    You will probably be too busy making movies and too rich to care by then,
    Some day people will say "I wish KC Wayland would learn from George Lucas and sell the rights to We're alive so that more movies could made, six movies were just not enough!"

    Then again my predictions have pretty much all been wrong
    Yikes! This didn't hold up! Thank God KC Wayland didn't sell the rights of We're Alive to Disney!
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